Emmerdale cast shed tears when Marlon Dingle actor struggled to walk down aisle

Members of the Emmerdale actors sobbed openly as Marlon Dingle labored to approach his bride Rhona Goskirk.

The character of Marlon, played by Mark Charnock, has been confined to a wheelchair ever since suffering a stroke, but in poignant scenes to be aired the following week, he struggles to stand up to exchange vows.

Rhona, played by 48-year-old Zoe Henry, said: “We were in tears. It was masterfully worded, and when we both needed it, the emotions just flowed.

“Watching the plot has been very challenging. However, the wedding makes a point.


“Many people have suffered from stroke, including my family, so it’s critical that we recognize the warning signs.

Persons require that. Although soap depicts real life, it also needs to be a little bit joyful.

The 53-year-old Charnock continued, “There were compelling storylines taking place in the same episode, so as I read it, I found it constantly moving all the way through.”

When Marlon collapses at his stag party and ends up in the hospital with high blood pressure, viewers are kept on edge, wondering if he will even make it to the church.

Rhona and Marlon are getting married for the fifth time.

And Zoe emphasized that there is no assurance that they will have a happy ending. Marlon is almost like Henry VIII, which doesn’t seem good for me as number five, she jokingly said.

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