Emmerdale cast ‘assume the worst’ about their futures ahead of soap’s 50th anniversary

As the soap opera prepares to release some significant storylines in celebration of their 50th anniversary, icon of Emmerdale Mark Charnock has advised co-stars to “expect the worst” for their futures.

Millions of people recognize 53-year-old Mark Charnock as Marlon Dingle from Emmerdale. Even though she is a well-liked cast member, the star has cautioned that no one is ever immune from the axe because, as we all know, soap opera land can be a cruel place.

Mark, who began portraying Marlon in 1996, made an appearance at Emmerdale’s Eccup headquarters with co-star Zoe Henry to talk about the significant occasion.

When asked if she could picture herself as Rhona Goskirk for Emmerdale’s 60th anniversary in ten years, Zoe said that she could.

After making sporadic appearances as Rhona, Zoe joined the cast as a full-time actor in 2010. She said, “It does feel really lovely to have been here a long time – it is a great place to work.”

Although there is never any room for complacency in this position—or in any position, for that matter—I don’t believe anyone believes they are in it for the long haul. We primarily work under annual contracts.

Mark sees some benefit in the air of modest uncertainty, which is surely made worse by the approaching anniversary. You’ve probably heard this from other cast members, he continued.

There is a genuine family atmosphere here, and as I have already stated many times, never, ever, ever consider past the contract.

The healthiest, best course of action is to assume the worst.

“The best result of that is that it keeps you constantly alert; you have to keep giving it your all. Never, ever assume it to be given.

“It has been a fantastic work, and being a part of its history feels extra special as this milestone approaches.

The 40th is still fresh in my memory. That decade flew by like lightning, which, I suppose, proves that it was never boring.

I’m thrilled to have taken part (for so long). In the 1970s, I used to watch it in the afternoons with my grandmother and grandfather. Being a part of it feels wonderful.

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