Emmerdale Caleb’s connection to Al Chapman ‘exposed’ by fans as they rumble revenge twist

After “exposing” Caleb’s relationship to the late Al Chapman, Emmerdale viewers are confident they have discovered the newcomer’s true motivation.

After a struggle with Cain Dingle, Al was fatally shot by Kyle Winchester in the barn; Cain is currently in jail for the murder. However, Caleb has pledged to aid in Kyle’s escape and made a commitment to release his biological brother.

Additionally, Caleb is curious about his sister Chas and has been interrogating her about her relationship with Al and marriage to Paddy.

But could he have a secret agenda?

Undoubtedly, some fans believe this to be the case and have asserted that Caleb formerly resided with Al’s foster family.

Both men, who are roughly the same age, spent time with their adoptive parents after being abandoned by their birth families, with Caleb having been born to Faith while she was incarcerated.

Now, a fan made the following suggestion on Twitter: “I’m going to say right now that Caleb will end up being Al’s foster brother from when he was in foster care. He’ll be there to exact revenge on Cain for allegedly “killing Al.””

“Now that’s an interesting thought,” another person said. while a third user of social media concurred: “Their ages are similar. I can sense that Caleb is up to something.”

The motives of Caleb “aren’t obvious” just yet, according to another admirer, who wrote: “Is Moira being drawn in by Caleb? How does she know she can put her trust in him? Moira needs to be cautious around Caleb, and Cain is right. His motives are still unclear.

Someone person, though, offered an entirely different interpretation, asking: “Am I the only one who thinks Caleb in @emmerdale will take the fall for the Al Chapman murder to prove his commitment to Cain?”

It happens after Caleb actor Will Ash hinted that his character might actually be seeking retribution.

In a statement to the media, he said: “He comes in with this really kind of terrible and painful background of having been taken into care as a child.

“He enters it with a great deal of rage and hatred.”

The actor continued, “Despite having a vendetta against him, he initially seeks to establish a relationship with his family as he enters the room.

Even though there is a type of simmering animosity and bitterness, he wants to build a relationship with Cain and Chas in order to connect with them.

Finally, the celebrity said: “He’s quite charming and approachable, and he just wants to connect with his family since they’re going through a lot right now.

“He enters and essentially assists them in coping with everything they are facing. However, you can’t help but feel that there is more going on.”

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