Emmerdale Caleb Milligan’s telling comment sparks viewers to uncover fresh twist

Viewers of Emmerdale are confident they have devised a novel new twist.

Since Caleb Milligan came in the fictitious Yorkshire village, the long-running serial has been shaken by upheaval. Supporters had doubts about the real intentions of the Will Ash figure.

When it was revealed last week that Caleb was truly Frank Tate’s long-lost son and that he was attempting to claim Home Farm, viewers’ concerns were confirmed. Nicky, who was revealed to be Caleb’s son, is gathering intelligence for his father’s mission at Home Farm while hiding behind enemy lines.

The conspirators disagreed, though, after Caleb cuddled up to Leyla Cavanagh while Nicky alluded to his mother. You need to recognize that your mother and I are no longer together, Caleb retorted.

We have complete freedom.

Many have conjectured that Nicky’s mother may soon appear on the ITV soap to make it a full family affair because she is still alive. Other fans, meanwhile, are convinced she has already come because they believe Faye, Mary Goskirk’s new love interest, could not be telling the truth about who she really is.

What if Faye is Nicky’s mother, asked Ryan?

Maybe Faye is Nicky’s mother, Jehan wrote in a post.

“Faye perhaps Nicky’s Mother, it couldn’t be much more ridiculous than these story lines,” TGB said.

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