Emmerdale: Caleb Miligan’s real reason for being in the village revealed?

Fans of Emmerdale are confident they have figured out Caleb Miligan’s real purpose for staying in the community.

Because of their recently deceased mother Faith, Cain and Chas Dingle’s long-lost sibling Caleb is known to viewers.

He arrived amid much commotion and has presented himself as being extraordinarily wealthy.

Caleb even travels to the village in a Bentley.

Fans believe he has a hidden agenda despite his claims that his only goal is to get to know his family.

They discovered a hint in December 31 that led them to believe he isn’t who he claims to be.

While visiting Moira, Caleb took a business card for a law company out of his wallet.

Emmerdale: What is Caleb hiding?

Fans couldn’t help but notice Caleb’s wallet’s condition as he reached into it to hand them the business card.

Did anyone else notice that Caleb’s wallet appeared to be a little worse for wear?

“#Emmerdale is becoming Corrie,” someone said. “Maybe he’s broke and wants to con the community out of some money.”

Another person commented: “Caleb’s wallet was obviously on the empty side in #Emmerdale.”

A third remarked: “I knew that once Cain found out from Moira that Caleb’s been getting close to her and Kyle, he would lose his cool.

A fourth person added: “Caleb needs to be careful #Emmerdale,” and a fifth said, “I don’t trust Caleb’s motives.”

Can’t stand Caleb, another person stated. He has only been there for five minutes, but already he is stirring up nearly every scene on Emmerdale.

“Caleb ends up taking the rap for Kyle & Cain obviously #Emmerdale @emmerdale,” a fifth person said.

Yet another person offered a startling theory.

“Caleb is called Caleb because ‘Abel’ is in the name,” they explained. Will Cain eventually kill him as a result? #Emmerdale.”

Laura Shaw, a producer for Emmerdale, has already hinted at Caleb’s arrival.

She also implied that he could not be who he seems to be.

What is Caleb hiding?

“We are overjoyed to welcome Will Ash to the Village,” she remarked.

“It’s wonderful to have an actor of this caliber and talent join our fantastic team.

“Caleb has to be without a doubt the most unexpected and shocking Christmas present Cain and Chas have ever received, arriving on TV on Christmas Day!

Caleb appears to be everything his brother isn’t—calm, in charge, wealthy, and successful—but will they discover they have more in common than they realized?

How will the rest of the family react when Caleb strolls into town? What secrets from the past will come back to haunt them?

The Dingles’ lives are about to change drastically as a result of his arrival, and 2023 is sure to get off to a fast start.

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