Emmerdale bosses confirm three well-loved characters are returning to ITV soap

According to Emmerdale executives, Danny Miller’s Aaron Dingle, Elizabeth Estensen’s Diane Sugden, and Amy Walsh’s Tracy Metcalfe will all return to the ITV soap opera in time for the show’s 50th anniversary.

The creators have hinted that the characters would be at the center of some significant tales that will have an influence on the community.

At an Emmerdale press conference, producer Kate Brooks made the announcement of their media comeback.

“Diane, Aaron, and Tracy will all be making a comeback, although temporarily,” she stated.

They’ll return and be at the center of some pretty important tales that will have an effect on both their lives and the lives of the folks they leave behind.

Tracy is returning to the Dales “with a piece of news of her own,” according to co-producer Jane Hudson, which could have an effect on her ex-boyfriend Nate Dingle (Jurell Carter).

And of course, Aaron is back. Will he learn that his mother is having an affair with Paddy [Kirk]? asked Jane.

Will he ever realize Sandra Flaherty is not just about Liv Flaherty? Over there, a big story is developing.

Fans of Emmerdale will recall that Aaron left the village after his sister Liv was charged with killing his boyfriend Ben Tucker, but Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) was actually the real murderer.

When he learns that his mother Chas (Lucy Pargeter) is having an affair with Paddy by dating Al Chapman (Michael Wildman), will his comeback be brief?

Diane, a former cast member of Emmerdale, departed the show last year to begin a new life in Portugal, far from Yorkshire.

Could she return to the village for their funeral if one of her loved ones passed away?

Viewers of the ITV soap opera will recall Tracy breaking up with Nate over their one-night fling and choosing to take a job in Nottingham helping women with postpartum depression.

Will she go back to the village to try to make amends with Nate after leaving it with the infant Frankie in heartbreaking moments last year?

While Jane was unable to provide many specifics regarding the 50th-anniversary episodes of the soap opera, which are scheduled to premiere in October, she did indicate a storm is about to hit the hamlet.

“For all the tales being told this month and all the stories that have been building all year, nothing has just been shoehorned in, all the stories have been driven by the people, and they all have an impact,” she added in jest.

Because it affects so many of our families, the entire town is impacted rather than just a few individuals.

In addition, the producer predicted that something will occur that “no other soap could do” but Emmerdale.

It is connected to the Yorkshire Dales setting of the local soap opera.

Jane teased, “There are going to be some great family fights.” There are some fantastic tales on the horizon.

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