Emmerdale Bernice star teases ‘explosive’ 50th anniversary as she hints at huge return

Fans know to expect something significant for any significant soap opera anniversary. Fans of Coronation Street were treated to a live broadcast when the tram smashed into the cobblestones, killing several inhabitants, on the show’s 50th anniversary.

Carl King was killed off in a live episode of Emmerdale on its 40th anniversary, and the 50th is sure to be even better.

The opera will turn 50 on October 17, 2022, and the cast members are anticipating major things for the show.

At a Pride of Manchester Awards ceremony earlier this year, Bernice Blackstock star Samantha Giles hinted in an exclusive interview with Daily Star that “explosive” things are to come.

After the event, she acknowledged in conversation: “I’m aware that the 50th [anniversary] this year will feature explosive tales, but I have no idea because they don’t reveal anything, which is probably for the best! People will therefore just have to wait and watch.

I have absolutely no notion what is going on, she exclaimed.

Perhaps a very surprising character will soon make a comeback, or perhaps come back from the dead, as opposed to just being killed off.

In addition, Samantha expressed her desire for Val Pollard to come back, saying: “Val was fantastic, in my opinion; she had such a wonderful personality.

She was unique among the other characters on the show, so in my opinion, it was a mistake to kill her.

“She ought to be included, in my opinion. Why did they kill her? She was amazing.

Paige Sandhu, who plays the serial murderer in Meena Jutla, stated that her character would return for the 50th episode “Never say never from me.

It’s going to be the greatest and best year yet for Emmerdale, but nothing is certain. We’ll see since I can’t say anything just yet.”

But how would the infamous murderer, who was responsible for the deaths of Leanna Cavanagh, Ben Tucker, and Andrea Tate, get out of jail?

She said, “I’ve adored playing Meena, and I think she is so cunning; I wouldn’t rule out her twisting him around her little finger, or another prison guard, or anyone.

“I believe she is currently in prison, has been in prison, is enjoying herself, will discover her means of emigrating, and will return.”

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