Emmerdale and Waterloo Road’s Adam Thomas believes his late dad’s spirit is ‘within’ his pet dog

Actor Adam Thomas, who plays Bella on Emmerdale and Waterloo Road, has said he thinks his late father’s spirit resides inside Bella.

The actor lost his father, Dougie James, in 2020. He was best known for his roles as Adam Barton in the ITV soap opera and Donte Charles in the BBC One school-based drama.

Adam has started to sense Dougie’s presence whenever he is near his dog as a coping mechanism for the loss.

He told the Daily Star, “My dad was very close to Bella, and I feel he is within her and watching out for me.”

He is undoubtedly present, and I am grateful for that. She’s my dog, yet she always showed favoritism to my dad when he came around, which used to annoy me.

He drew animals to himself. When my father used to look at me and say, “You shouldn’t be doing that,” Bella occasionally gives me the same look.

She follows me around and looks at me like I’m doing something wrong. My dad was there for me, and Bella is always there. Holding onto stuff like that is great.

Adam has also spoken candidly about what it was like to play Donte Charles from Waterloo Road again, who lost his wife Chlo when she was struck by a car.

Adam remarked in response to Donte’s sorrow, “Everything occurs for a reason.” The plotline arrived at the perfect time for me; perhaps my father was trying to tell me something.

Until I completed the character analysis, I was mourning much more than I realized.

“I used to talk about my dad all the time, but once he went away, I pretended it had never occurred.” I’m grateful that the plot developed at the right time because it has benefited not only me but also other individuals.

I frequently have notes from people thanking me for the plot, so happy days if we can assist others along the route.

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