Emmerdale and Coronation Street: 5 highlights from Super Soap Week

It’s hard to imagine that Emmerdale and Coronation Street’s Super Soap Week is just around the corner once more.

Some of the largest and best soap opera moments are featured during the major annual event, which takes place every October.

The highlights of this year’s Super Soap Week are listed below.

Emmerdale’s 50th

Super Soap Week this year will be particularly memorable because the ITV soap is also commemorating its 50th anniversary.

A month of celebrations in the gold has been teased by the bosses.

But because the 50th will be on October 16, you can know that week will feature a fantastic run of episodes for fans to gorge on.

Major stunts in Super Soap Week

Emmerdale pulled off numerous stunts last year, including bridge collapses, white water fright, and a massive maze fire.

Similar to this, Coronation Street went all out with a severe storm that caused havoc on the cobblestones.

Additionally, a sinkhole suddenly appeared, swallowing several residents and providing onlookers with a dramatic treat.

Both soap operas, but notably Emmerdale, are extremely likely to strive to surpass their performance from the previous year.

A tragic death

One of the most adored characters in Emmerdale history is Faith Dingle.

Because her cancer has returned and is now terminal, it is even more tragic that her most recent run will be her final.

In October, just in time for Super Soap Week, the lovable schemer will probably bid her loved ones farewell.

A shock exit

Actress Millie Gibson will reportedly leave the cobblestones in the fall, according to rumors from Coronation Street.

Additionally, hints from the soap indicate that Gary Windass’ covert involvement in the killings of Kelly’s parents will be made public in October.

What better way to end the soap opera as a major week?

A welcome arrival

Amelia Spencer’s pregnancy makes it seem likely that the baby will be born during the 50th anniversary month, as teased by Emmerdale management.

You can bet on Amelia going into labor just as the big stunt begins since no birth goes smoothly in soap opera land.

Whatever transpires, Super Soap Week in October is going to be a really exciting time.

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