Emmerdale: Amelia’s pregnancy secret exposed by villager – and they ‘know the father’

Emmerdale schoolgirl Amelia Spencer will have her baby secret revealed next week, after the revelation that the 15 year old is pregnant.

More facts will be given about how far along she is during her pregnancy, and who the father could be.

The teen had been experiencing vision and dizziness problems for weeks when viewers were left in shock on Thursday night as she was examined at the hospital.

Amelia had been taking a weight-gaining syrup in the midst of her struggle with her body image, and in the most recent episode, she passed out while holding baby Thomas Tate, causing her to drop him.

The big news, however, was only revealed to Amelia when her father Dan urged her to get checked out after learning about the syrup that was purchased online.

She was shocked when doctors told her they had run tests and found out she was pregnant.

The character makes a significant decision about her pregnancy next week, according to fresh spoilers, but she keeps it to herself.

The truth about the baby and Amelia’s due date, however, will be revealed by one villager, and it appears they may also be aware of the father.

When Amelia decides against having the baby, she secretly schedules an appointment at an abortion clinic.

The following day, she frets about keeping her secret appointment and her pregnancy a secret from her father.

She learns that she might be too far along in her pregnancy to have the procedure when she arrives, and there is panic.

The specialist interrogates Amelia about her news and indicates that she might not be permitted to get the abortion.

Amelia is soon relieved to learn that she is in fact inside the allowed dates after hearing this from the physicians.

When a resident discovers her secret shortly after, shock at how far along she is in her pregnancy is brought up once more.

Amelia, who is lonely and carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders, travels alone to her appointment.

However, she soon becomes overwhelmed and rushes outside, where she is startled to run upon Charity Dingle.

Charity is shocked to learn what is happening, but she decides to help her because she is all too familiar with what she is going through.

Amelia is happy to have Charity with her as they walk into the clinic for her postponed appointment.

Amelia is humiliated by this information, and Charity is shocked to learn how far along the girl is.

Charity suddenly assumes the father is her son Noah Dingle, whom fans have suggested might be the father.

Even though it didn’t seem like they had slept together or even kissed, Noah used Amelia earlier this year to try to make his ex envious.

Fans are now debating whether she did have a secret liaison with Noah.

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