Emmerdale Amelia Spencer star’s life – stopped by police, glam snaps and real age

Since 2011, Daisy Campbell has played Amelia Spencer in the popular ITV soap opera Emmerdale, but outside of the soap opera world, she lives a luxury life that she frequently posts about online.

The soap opera’s current major plotline is the 19-year-old actress’s character Amelia being pregnant.

Fans are not sure that Samson Dingle is the genuine father, despite the fact that he was identified as the baby’s father when all hell broke loose when her parents learned of her covert pregnancy.

Samson wishes to leave the hamlet after receiving good grades in his GCSEs, but Amelia is adamant on keeping the infant in the soap opera.

Will he stay or will he run away? And if she does give birth, will Amelia’s new love interest Noah Dingle wind up being the baby’s father?

In a recent interview with The Mirror, the actress admitted that while she “liked” portraying the character of pregnant Amelia, she isn’t ready to become a mother just yet.

But aside from the Dales’ drama, Daisy has a very opulent existence and frequently contrasts sharply with her modest on-screen character Amelia.

Early career and real age

Daisy Arwen Campbell, as her full name is known, was born on July 28, 2003, making her 19 years old just last month.

The actress, who was raised in Leeds’ Methley neighborhood, launched her profession at an early age.

She had a developing skill from an early age and was signed by Scala School of Performing Arts while attending Rebel Acting School.

She then won the part of Amelia Spencer in 2011 at the age of just seven.

Sweet bond with co-star

Daisy is friends with a co-star from Emmerdale outside of the soap industry.

Rosie Bentham, who portrays Gabby Thomas in the soap opera, is close friends with Daisy, and the two are frequently photographed together on expensive dates and on vacations overseas.

The two even traveled to Ibiza earlier this summer and posted numerous pictures online.

However, they didn’t have any pictures at the start of their trip because the two had their bags stolen and were left without their phones.

Daisy wrote on Instagram in response to their radio silence: “Sorry, [Rosie] and I have been a little absent. With no phones for the majority of the vacation, it would be me and us who would have all of our bags stolen on the second night.”

She continued, “But we lived in the moment ahahaha and then ultimately got new phones,” without letting anything get them down.

Glamorous Instagram snaps

Daisy publishes sultry outfit photos on Instagram very frequently, snapping up a storm there.

The teen drama star is constantly decked out to the nines in the newest trend-driven attire, and she never fails to put on a gorgeous display for her devoted legion of fans.

Daisy posed in the sun while flaunting her amazing body in a tiny red bikini, then shared the gorgeous photo for her fans to ogle.

One fan swooned, “You’ve had me melting.”

Another person remarked, “Most lovely woman I have ever seen.”

In addition to beach shots, the blonde beauty frequently uploads images from night outs in which she can be seen donning dresses and corset tops and sporting a chic makeup look.

Stopped by police

Daisy was stopped by police in Pontefract while out celebrating her 19th birthday.

The young star was concerned that she was in trouble when two West Yorkshire police officers approached her and sought to talk with her.

But when it was revealed that the coppers were “fanboys” who wanted a cheeky photo with the soap actor, all was OK.

Daisy was happy to oblige and posed for a cute picture with the policemen Riley and Morgan.

When two of our cops, who just so happen to be both enormous fans of Emmerdale, saw Amelia Spencer from the soap, it was only natural for them to become “fanboys” and ask for a photo with her, they even posted it online.

Lavish Leeds home

Daisy frequently shares pictures of her beautiful bedroom at home in Leeds.

Her cozy bedroom includes wooden floors, grey walls, and a giant mirror that she can take a gazillion pictures in.

The singer certainly enjoys nicer things in life because of the enormous blue velvet headboard.

She posed for a photograph around Christmas time by an opulent staircase to show her admirers the other rooms of the family house.

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