Emmerdale Amelia baby riddle ‘exposed’ – Kit fling, father revealed and Noah murder

Amelia’s pregnancy is uncovered in Emmerdale this evening (August 25, 2022).

The shock disclosure leaves the townspeople and Amelia’s dad Dan staggered, after the news is incidentally exclaimed at the school prom.

Pressures ride intense after the news, with Dan being kept away from going after Noah – who everybody assumes is the dad.

Noah has recently denied being the dad, however fans have as of late taken to virtual entertainment to conjecture about whether he is coming clean.

In the interim, different fans have addressed who the dad could be – and what lies ahead for Amelia and people around her going into Emmerdale’s 50th commemoration episodes.

Here, Daily Star investigates the fan speculations encompassing Amelia.

Kit fling

Watchers were stunned after Kit started a hazardous undertaking with both Laurel and Gabby, with many fans taking to web-based entertainment to say they wouldn’t be shocked in the event that he has various excursions later on.

One said: “What on God’s green earth, Kit’s making himself in the middle of, managing the town.”

Following his past excursions, a few watchers feel that reality with regards to Amelia’s child’s dad could be uncovered – and that the dad is really Kit.

“My cash is on Kit being the dad of Amelia’s child,” with another adding: “Pack for the father of Amelia’s child.”

“It’s Kit the physio. I’d presume. Nothing to do with a Dingle – ideally,” said a third.

One more concurred: “Gracious I hadn’t even thought about that. It checks out, particularly with his new relationship with Laurel. She will figure out reality, he will be secured, and she will wind up with Dan (or back with Jai).”

One fan concurred that Kit being the dad could make sense of why Amelia has not uncovered the reality of the child’s paternity yet, adding: “I believe it will be somebody a lot more established than her, that is the reason she’s frightened to tell anybody.”

Noah murdered

In spite of the fact that Noah has recently denied being the dad of Amelia’s child, a few fans feel that he may lie.

The two have developed close over late months, with Noah in any event, going to Amelia’s new child check with her, so might he at any point really be the dad?

“Why do I have an inclination that Noah is the dad of Amelia’s child all things considered? Despite the fact that he denied it,” said one fan.

A second concurred: “I think Noah is lying when he said half a month prior he wasn’t the dad of Amelia’s child.”

Anyway a few fans disagree, with a third remarking: “I don’t think Noah is Amelia’s child daddy it’s excessively self-evident.”

A fourth added: “I think it is Samson however Noah will be accused and he will remain by Amelia and assume the fault.”

It appears to be that Noah is remaining by Amelia, yet after her shock child stunner to father Dan, might things at any point take an evil turn for Noah?

One fan recommended: “Dan won’t be cheerful when he learns about Amelia and Noah, particularly when he figures out she’s pregnant.”

After watchers got that Dan was irate towards Noah, Amelia entertainer Daisy Campbell uncovered to Digital Spy that Dan is angry when Vicar Harriet Finch lets him know that she spotted them kissing.

After her pregnancy is uncovered at the prom as well, she said: “Amelia is humiliated that her father knows and it’s not only Dan there. There’s a great deal of others there and Amelia is simply in shock. That second is truly private, to tell your family and your dear companions.”

She added that Dan is “not cheerful by any means”.

The entertainer went on: “He understands what Noah has been similar to with Chloe and Gabby previously. But since Amelia is such a ton more youthful than Noah too, Dan is defensive over her so he doesn’t take to it well by any means. There’s an enormous conflict among Noah and Dan.”

With Amelia’s pregnancy uncovered before everybody following the fight, will Dan attack Noah and really hurt him? Or then again more awful, murder him? Watchers should keep a watch out.

Father revealed

After Noah denied being the dad of Amelia’s child, many fans have been estimating who it could really be.

Entertainer Daily Campbell likewise uncovered to Inside Soap that watchers will be shocked following the disclosure, saying: “You will know very soon and all I’ll say is that I don’t believe it’s somebody individuals will anticipate.”

In any case, a few fans imagine that they have previously worked out who the dad could be, after Daisy added that a person has not been on screen for some time.

One of the greatest speculations is that the dad is Heath Hope, who watchers have not seen in that frame of mind while.

“I figure Heath is the father… he hasn’t had a decent storyline,” said one fan, with a second concurring: “I believe it’s Heath, Bob’s child!”

A third remarked: “OK – Noah’s not ‘a youngster’ so that puts him out the image marginally. Just potential individuals right currently are Samson or Heath.”

“Who did Amelia lay down with in Emmerdale, and is Heath Hope the dad of her child?” scrutinized a fourth.

“I was persuaded it was Samson who was the dad of Amelia’s child yet completely overlooked Heath the ghost twin no one sees,” said a fifth.

In the mean time, different fans proposed that the dad could be Arthur Thomas, with a 6th adding: “I’m getting it’s either going to be somebody irregular or somebody like Heath or Arthur who we don’t see a great deal of.”

“I really trust it’s somebody stunning. I like the possibility of it being Arthur, particularly with Gabby abhorring Amelia at the present time, could bring some show,” remarked another fan.

Whoever the dad might be, it appears as though it won’t be long until the fact of the matter is uncovered.

Amelia gives birth for the 50th anniversary

Fans have worked out that Amelia could be because of conceive an offspring in time for Emmerdale’s 50th commemoration festivities, which are because of occur during October 2022.

Leader Producer Jane Hudson recently prodded to Daily Star and other press that Amelia will play “a major part in the tempest when she should be found”, however didn’t uncover whether the person will conceive an offspring during the 50th commemoration week.

Nonetheless, it appears to be reasonable that Amelia will conceive an offspring in time for the 50th commemoration episode on October 16, 2022 – and fans appear to concur as well.

One even figures that Kim Tate could have a shock child sensation of her own close by Amelia, saying: “Emmerdale manager expressed that there’s a surprising marriage and another child in the approaching month, so is it Kim Tate pregnant with Will Taylor’s child in Emmerdale’s 50th commemoration, not Amelia, since Amelia’s not wedded.

“Or on the other hand Kim Tate and Amelia conceive an offspring at the a similar time?”

Will Amelia conceive an offspring for the 50th commemoration? The truth will surface at some point.

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