Emmerdale Amelia actress hints at big twist in her upcoming pregnancy storyline

After teasing that viewers will be “shocked” by Amelia’s predicament, Emmerdale actress Daisy Campbell has hinted at a major twist in her upcoming storyline.

Recently, Daisy’s character got into some trouble after purchasing “weight loss syrup” online.

When she collapsed while tending to baby Thomas, he was left on the floor and required hospital care.

When her father suspected that something was amiss, he went in for a preventative CT scan and asked her to explain what had happened.

Amelia apparently fell as a result of the “syrup,” and her father insisted she visit the doctor for a checkup to see if the mixture had caused any serious harm.

When Amelia spoke to the medical staff, she received the shock of her life.

The teenager was informed that she was pregnant and that her entire world would soon be turned upside down.

In an interview with Metro, 18-year-old Daisy discussed the shocking plot and acknowledged that Amelia would experience some difficulties.

She said: “I think the stuff that is coming up will maybe shock a lot of the audience. I won’t say too much, but I believe Amelia’s time on the show to really mature is now.

Since she has been a part of the show since she was young, Daisy continued, “Obviously, everyone has always seen her as this kid. She’s truly going to change, in my opinion, now.

“I think everyone’s so excited, and I feel really lucky to have this,” she concluded. I’m actually buzzing! Having the opportunity to do something I’ve always wanted to does feel really good.

When the scene actually happened, viewers were completely taken aback and couldn’t help but wonder who the father is.

One expressed their “hope” that it wasn’t Noah’s and their “surprise” at it, while another merely questioned “how on earth” she could be expecting.

Fans are still waiting to find out who the father is, whether she will inform anyone, and how she intends to proceed with her pregnancy.

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