Emmerdale : Al Chapman secretly working with Meena Jutla as second affair exposed

Al is now having an affair with Chas Dingle after lending her a shoulder to cry on when she learned that her mother Faith Dingle in Emmerdale had terminal cancer.

As they continue to cheat on Paddy Kirk and Kerry Wyatt, respectively, Chas may not even be aware that her lover has been seeing Meena Jutla since the beginning of the year.

Will the businessman ever learn his lesson when a second affair appears in upcoming scenes of the ITV soap opera?

Meena left the weekly drama earlier this year after receiving a 75-year prison term for the crimes she perpetrated in the community.

It was assumed she would never be seen again after she had one final contact with her sister Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker).

No one in the town is talking about her right now, but it’s possible that Al has been secretly paying her visits in jail because he can’t commit to just one relationship.

The businessman could have found himself attracted to the young woman before her true colors were revealed earlier this year.

This might have begun when he nearly killed her on Christmas Day by blowing up The Woolpack, and before she left the village when her secret was revealed, they might have shared a bed.

Even if she did attempt to murder Al’s former stepson, Billy Fletcher, that would have been enough for Al to fall under her spell (Jay Kontzle).

After their night together, they may not have actually crossed paths, but she could have called Al after being given a life sentence in prison.

The businessman might have been hesitant to see Meena in a relationship with Kerry because he was attempting to turn a new leaf.

He may have appreciated her scary side despite being concerned about the fact that he had learned she was a serial killer.

Al might have recognized their connection if they had actually met, and he might have continued seeing Meena every week after that.

Al could have promised to keep seeing her, even if she was in jail, even if it meant they couldn’t be physically intimate.

He would have complimented her profusely, flirted with her, and even assured her that she did nothing wrong.

It would be a terrible double act if the two villains were connected, especially if Meena decided she wanted to escape prison to be with her lover entirely.

As she and Al prepare to go together, she might escape prison, which would fit with the indications regarding her possible comeback for the show’s 50th anniversary in October.

However, he might start to second-guess himself given that the businessman is still involved with Kerry and has another relationship with Chas.

Meena could prepare to kill Al as she makes herself known to the villagers, especially Billy, as opposed to remaining hidden.

Could their attempts to co-work come to an end in yet another bloodbath as she exacts revenge on her lover for betraying her?

The actress who played Meena, Paige, hinted at a future return to the program by saying: “I think anything may happen on the 50th anniversary.

“After all, this is Emmerdale. We’re going all out! She’s awful. There is no hope for her to change! Although she is a psychopath, I believe we may still adore her for that.

I mean, Rebecca Sarker, who portrays Manpreet, is such a fantastic actress, and we have such a nice time working together, that I absolutely want to continue telling tales with her.

Could Manpreet try to stop her sister from killing someone else, the actress said to RadioTimes.com, adding that “anything with her I’d be up for”

Most recently, Michael, who plays Al’s actor, and Paige were both long-list contenders for the Inside Soap Magazine Awards.

Although both of their characters are competing for the Best Villain award, fans might see this duo collaborating in the future.

A fan of the show Mrs. Munson 666 expressed her excitement at the news on Twitter, writing: “#emmerdale am I the only one who was really hoping for these two characters to get together after Meena split from David?”

But this isn’t the first time viewers have demanded an affair between the two bad guys.

Fans were certain that Meena and the other characters would get involved in a relationship after she was introduced in 2020. They had some success writing: “Al might have had the strength to withstand Chas, but Meena?

Al may not have it in him to be faithful a second time, in my opinion. After all, this is Emmerdale.”

Mary continued: “Al was dating Priya Sharma (Fiona Wade) at the time “Be really cautious, Priya. Meena will be with Al #Emmerdale before you can blink.”

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