Emmerdale airs shock exit as guilty character flees the village after sudden death

Fans of EMMERDALE were horrified to see a guilty character leave the soap as he fled the village following a shocking death.

After dealing emotionally with the loss of his father, Vicar Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) packed his bags and left the Dales.

After being reported to the police for stealing, his criminal father Victor Anderson was tragically found dead in the neighborhood church.

Victor had just recently served time in prison for a botched heist when he tragically passed away.

The prisoner made an effort to get back in touch with his family and was able to start dating his divorced wife, Claudette (Flo Wilson).

Victor was charged with stealing a family relic belonging to Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker), just as everything appeared to be going well for him.

When his wife discovered the jewelry in his coat pocket, he ran away.

He was already dead from an aneurysm when the cops discovered him.

Later on, Charles made the startling admission that he was the one who had actually put the necklace on his father.

The vicar admitted to Manpreet his involvement in the plan, saying: “I had to get him away from us. Once more, he was attacking mom.

“He was destroying our connection. I figured you’d throw him out if you found him wearing the jewelry.

In recent scenes, Charles made the decision to flee to a wellness retreat since he was unable to deal with the guilt of having caused his father’s demise.

He was supposed to be composing a eulogy at Victor’s burial but was too ashamed of his part in the tragedy.

Charles excused himself from the soap opera and said to his mother, Claudette, “I realize it’s short notice but there’s been a cancellation at a retreat and I want to grab my train connection, taking some time for my thoughts. You won’t be alone for very long because Manpreet will return the next day.

She assured him, saying, “You know, I’m perfectly fine on my own. It appears that you have made up your decision.

He agreed: “I understand. I guarantee it won’t last long—just a few days. I could take some time to reflect about my father, compose the eulogy, and breathe some sea air—no cell phones were allowed. I genuinely believed that was what you meant.

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