Emmerdale airs powerful mental health clip featuring Amelia actress Daisy Campbell

Following Tuesday night’s devastating episode, Emmerdale released a stirring clip starring actress Daisy Campbell.

Amelia, a 15-year-old girl, found out she was expecting a kid with an unidentified teenage boy while viewers watched.

Amelia went to the hospital by herself, and the doctor informed her that she was pregnant and questioned her about the identity of the father.

She made the decision to get an abortion but declined to share the person’s identify.

The devout youngster later confessed that “no one” could assist her when praying to God in church.

Actress Daisy discussed the “tough subject of abortion” in a 60-second clip that was released after the episode aired.

The new Britain Get Talking campaign from ITV and STV explores the disconnect between what we say and how we really feel while urging viewers to communicate with one another through conversation.

Nearly half of all young people in the UK experience anxiety, she said. Therefore, whether you are a teen or an adult, let’s take a moment to say “we’re here” to one another.

The Britain Get Talking campaign, which encourages individuals to take care of their mental health by interacting with others, is backed by Mind, YoungMinds, and SAMH in Scotland.

Ant and Dec urged the country to email their messages of support for broadcast and to stay in contact with the idea that we’re “separated, but never alone” as lockdown loomed in 2019. It was first introduced in 2019 by interrupting the live broadcast of Britain’s Got Talent.

Fans have been speculating about who Amelia slept with, and while they initially thought it was Noah, they now think it might be Heath.

Tweeted one viewer “Okay, so Noah is a little bit out of the picture because he isn’t “a teenager.” The only candidates at this time are Heath or Samson.”

I’m saying Heath or Arthur is the dad, and I’m leaning considerably more towards Heath, another person said in agreement.

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