Emmerdale airs more upsetting scenes for Lydia in Craig storyline

As Craig, the rapist, continues to meddle in Lydia’s life, Emmerdale has shown more upsetting scenes for her.

Lydia had made the decision to burn the clothes she was wearing that night rather than report Craig to the police for sexually assaulting her after they had become close over the death of their son.

When Lydia didn’t show up for work at Craig’s office on Monday (September 11), he called and texted her, but she ignored him. Lydia just informed Sam that she had called out of work because she needed a break.

While Sam was concerned for his wife, she argued that all she really needed was “rest.” Later, when he discovered her cleaning up at Home Farm, he was horrified.

Sam remarked that she had previously stated the position with her ex-boyfriend was “perfect” when she claimed she might leave Craig’s office job and hunt for something more stable.

He was told by her, “I was incorrect.

Sam put pressure on Lydia to continue working for Craig because Samson would shortly begin working there as an intern and needed someone to watch out for him.

When Lydia returned home to rest, she was startled to see Craig arrive. Craig tried to convince her that their “one-off” had been consensual once more, but each time he reached out to touch her, she reacted violently.

Craig bitterly compared his behavior to Lydia’s pregnancy with their late son Toby and scornfully disregarded his acts as “one silly mistake”.

He told her, “Our little incident was a shock to both of us.

Craig urged Lydia to go past their “mistakes” and reestablish themselves as “dear old friends.” Although Lydia consented to return to work, it was clear that she was still uneasy.

He then took a threatening tone, telling Lydia that Sam would never forget their purported liaison.

I would hate for this to be the end of your marriage if he finds out that we betrayed him, Craig snidely stated. “I don’t want you to lose everyone you know and everything you own and end up with nothing once more. But if you don’t get yourself together, that’s what will happen.

When Sam returned, Lydia attempted to shoo Craig out the door, but her husband urged him to stay for dinner. After they had finished dining, Craig instructed Lydia to return the next day to the workplace.

He murmured, chillingly, “Onwards and upwards.”

Lydia eventually decided: “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

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