Emmerdale airs devastating scenes as Lydia Dingle is sexually assaulted

Devastating scenes of Craig Reed, Lydia Dingle’s childhood pal, sexually assaulting her have been seen on Emmerdale.

Following Lydia and Craig’s reunion to grieve the kid they had both lost, which resulted in a tense exchange between them, the problem-based plot line developed.

On Tuesday’s episode (September 5), Lydia was still torn over her love encounter with Craig the day before and felt it would be best to submit her resignation.

Craig made an attempt to convince her to stay by expressing how important it had been for them to spend a sombre moment together in memory of their deceased kid because his own life had been largely unsatisfactory.

You probably don’t realize how much yesterday meant to me. Weeping for our son while with you. He insisted, “I won’t ever forget it. A lonely man expressed his gratitude by saying, “You made him very happy.”

Lydia was sufficiently moved by his comments to revoke her resignation, but she was immediately unsure of her decision.

Then Craig became hostile, saying Lydia he had never stopped loving her and forcing a kiss on her. Lydia pleaded with Craig to stop as he started hitting her.

She replied, “I don’t want to.

After Craig attacked, the soap was cut back as he kept attempting to imply that the incident had been consensual. Craig continued on driving Lydia home despite her frantic requests to leave.

This part of town is difficult. You don’t want to be on your own in the world. “Anything could occur,” he said to Lydia.

Craig instructed Lydia to keep what happened strictly between the two of them after they returned to Emmerdale, and Lydia managed her feelings during the drive home. Lydia cried uncontrollably in the shower when she arrived home, making an excuse to go up to her bedroom.

Viewers will watch as Lydia’s friends and family get worried about her reclusive behavior in the coming weeks as a result of her decision to withhold her past experiences from any of them. Will Lydia ever allow her family inside?

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