Emmerdale affair fears grow as fans beg Lydia to ‘steer clear’ of creepy Craig

Viewers of Emmerdale are advising Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) to avoid her ex-boyfriend from childhood, Craig Reed (Ben Addis).

Since Lydia ran into her ex, viewers have been worried about her safety and several have expressed anxiety for her wellbeing.

They have also been speculating about Lydia’s husband Sam (James Hutton), who even spotted the ex-lovers catching up in his own home.

Fans are getting more and more concerned that the two will have an illicit relationship behind Sam’s back.

In the episode that aired on Monday, August 21, Lydia admitted to her husband Sam that she was open to accepting Craig’s job offer because his employer was paying her 50p more than she was getting now.

Later on in the programme, during a discussion with Lydia, Craig disclosed that his company has a $3 million annual revenue.

The two also briefly talked about the past as Lydia’s eyes glowed.

Fans cautioned Lydia to exercise caution around her old acquaintance as they didn’t find Lydia and Craig’s conversation to be comfortable.

Don’t trust Craig with a barge Pole, one admirer warned when he went to the X platform that was once Twitter. Lydia must use caution.

Craig is a phoney; stay away from him, Lydia, wrote another.

Another wrote: “Craig will hold Lydia hostage tomorrow no doubt, only been a week since our last hostage spree so we are due a new one.”

A fourth person added: “Craig used to make Lydia seem terrified, but now she’s really playing with him. Safeguard Lydia; I’m concerned about her.

Although some believe Lydia and Craig will rekindle their prior romance, others believe an affair may be just around the corner.

One fan said as they walked back over to the platform, “Lydia better not cheat on Sam!!!!!”

Another person said: “I have a nasty feeling Lydia and Craig might be having an affair. I sincerely hope not, but that would be the third or fourth this year. Instead, I believe Craig will seduce Lydia or attempt a kiss with her, ruining their friendship because she desires the same.

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