Emmerdale actor Mark Charnock promises ‘jaw-dropping’ scenes for Marlon Dingle

In light of the approaching 50th anniversary of the television program Emmerdale, Mark Charnock provided some insight into the plot of his Marlon Dingle character.

In October, Emmerdale will commemorate a remarkable achievement that not many soap operas get to experience. The villagers are preparing for a week they’ll never forget after 50 years of airing.

Viewers have observed as scandal, murder, and suffering have wracked the community over the past few months.

Meena was punished for her crimes, but people like Faith Dingle, whose disease is terminal, and Marlon Dingle, who had a stroke and is now physically crippled, are still fighting their battles.

In order to ensure that the character’s progress was authentic, Marlon’s actor Mark Charnock underwent extensive training and received one-on-one help from the Stroke Association. It’s been an incredible adventure, Mark stated in a statement to The ECHO.

“I was fortunate because I knew they could have chosen any number of characters for this plot, so I was delighted and intimidated they chose Marlon. They had already conducted a great deal of study by that point. Daily analysis of how it might affect a character’s life were being done.

The character has been concerned that he won’t be able to go down the aisle as he promised Rhona because Marlon and Rhona’s wedding is quickly approaching.

Actor Mark responded, “Things will effect it fairly profoundly because he’s always a health risk given what he’s been through,” when asked how the character’s stroke will affect the big day.

“It might occur again if he becomes overexcited or overtired. It really is a page-turner. It’s very emotional.

The ECHO also inquired about Marlon’s 50th anniversary plans for the program. Mark initially appeared in 1996 and has been a part of Emmerdale for more than 25 years.

“The whole thing with Marlon right now is how he progresses as close to getting back to themselves as a person can get,” Mark added.

He was virtually just an outline of the guy he once was after the stroke, and now he is working to piece himself back together.

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