Emmerdale 50th anniversary: Tracy Metcalfe to return married and pregnant?

The 50th anniversary of Emmerdale has sparked additional teases from the show’s producers, including the return of Tracy Metcalfe.

Tracy would be temporarily returning to the village along with Aaron Dingle and Diane Sugden for the return of the show, it was revealed earlier this month.

However, more details concerning Tracy’s comeback have already been promised by Emmerdale executives.

Tracy’s return on the 50th anniversary of Emmerdale

Tracy had post-natal depression following the birth of her daughter Frankie.

She started receiving support and care, but when she discovered that her boyfriend Nate had cheated on her last year, she was distraught.

Nate moved out after Tracy ended her relationship with him.

Tracy, though, was given a job offer in Nottingham quickly and she left.

Nate saw his daughter and continued to communicate with Tracy. A few months ago, when he discovered Tracy had started dating someone else, he felt devastated.

Tracy, though, plans to visit the community once more in October.

Tracy returns with information.

Producer Kate Brooks recently stated to the media at an event: “We also have the return of some very recognizable characters to the Dales.

Diane, Aaron, and Tracy will all reappear, albeit briefly, but they’ll be at the center of some huge tales that will have an impact on their lives.

Executive producer of Emmerdale Jane Hudson gave a hint about what viewers might anticipate from returning characters in an interview with Metro.co.uk.

Tracy is returning with some news of her own, and how will Nate react to that, she said.

Tracy has returned with some new information.

Although Jane didn’t guess just what the news would be, this kind of tease typically indicates a wedding or childbirth!

Is her new partner her fiancé?

Alternatively, is she expecting her second child?

Could she already be a mother?

Or perhaps it’s both married and expecting a new child.

Given that it’s the 50th anniversary, there will undoubtedly be a big event.

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