Emmerdale 50th anniversary spoilers: When it airs, ‘multiple deaths’ and major stunt

Later this year, as the ITV soap celebrates 50 years on air, Emmerdale is planning gruesome scenes as a deadly storm causes havoc in the village.

Funerals have been hinted at, and it is speculated that more than one character will pass away. It has also been confirmed that most, if not all, of the characters will appear in the scenes.

Additionally, as they struggle for their lives in a series of incredible stunts, some characters will sustain serious injuries.

One stunt is allegedly one that “only Emmerdale can do” and has never been performed by any soap opera before.

Although some information has been made public, the precise details won’t be known until closer to the event.

Here is everything we currently know about the month-long celebrations, including who will probably be in the spotlight.

What transpires during the fifty-year celebration?

When a catastrophic storm strikes the Dales, the village will never be the same. While the soap has not provided any additional information, Charles Anderson actor Kevin Mathurin recently confirmed that more than one death will occur during the anniversary episodes.

As the wind storm rages across the village, bosses did acknowledge that there had been serious injuries and that the characters would struggle for their life. Considering where the scenes are shot, there will be some that “only Emmerdale can do.”

Spoilers from the producers also included a dramatic wedding, heartache for one family, a potential pregnancy, and three significant comebacks.

When is it broadcast?

It has been confirmed that the soap will broadcast a month of drama and storylines in October to commemorate the 50th. A significant week will also fall in between these events because of the storm’s destruction of the village and risk to lives.

The 16th of October will be a Sunday and mark Emmerdale’s birthday. Although it usually airs Monday through Friday, it’s possible that an episode will air on this day to commemorate the milestone. Since managers confirmed that all of the plots included in the month are already-published stories, viewers may anticipate the build-up to the major scenes.

The timeline of the events was also hinted at by the bosses, who said that the month would begin with the Faith Dingle death storyline before moving into the major storm week. From there, viewers will see how the incident has affected people’s lives for the rest of their lives and how the village may have actually been destroyed.

The storylines that have developed over the past week and before, along with the events that have occurred, will give way to new storylines for the remainder of the year.

Who is involved, and what information has already been leaked?

Faith Dingle, Amelia Spencer, Nate Robinson, Harriet Finch, Kim Tate, Belle, and Sam Dingle are a few of the individuals mentioned as having a hand in the happenings.

Other names have also been mentioned, and showrunners have revealed that most of the show’s characters will appear in some capacity.

What happens will have an impact on everyone connected to Kim and Will Taylor, as well as heavily on the Dingles. Additionally, Aaron Dingle, Tracy Metcalfe, and Diane Sugden are making their comebacks. Here, we examine some of the pivotal moments in the impending episodes.

Death of Faith Dingle?

It has been made known that Faith’s tale will take center stage right at the beginning of the October anniversary month. After receiving a fatal cancer diagnosis earlier this year, it is uncertain if she will pass away at this time.

But because the show’s producers have made it look as though Faith would die this month, it appears that this will be the time when it airs. Only that the big month would center on Faith has been established in terms of specifics.

As we begin our spectacular month, we will be concentrating on our Faith theme, according to producer Jane Hudson.

Faith’s tale, which is a very emotional and painful one, will be tremendously popular during our 50th anniversary, and I believe everyone engaged in it is giving some of the most outstanding performances I’ve seen in a soap opera in a very long time.

Marcus’s secret becomes public?

Actor Darcy Grey recently hinted to The Mirror that Marcus Dean might appear in the major episodes, despite the fact that the producers kept mum about it. Additionally, he implied that his character is still keeping something hidden that will be revealed in October.

“I believe everyone expects Marcus to be maybe a little bit more nasty than they imagined, but time will tell about how it will play,” he revealed.

When asked what the 50th episode would entail, he responded, “I mean, we have to produce something exceptional, we have to do something meaningful to show this part of British culture and history.

In that sense, we want to make sure the fans are satisfied. All I can say is that it is a soap opera and that it is big and loud.”

The actor coyly replied when asked if he was engaged: “Maybe I’m kind of involved. I’ll keep enhancing this enigmatic allure.” When asked if it might be connected to his past secret, he smiled and gave a hazy response: “I’m not sure, maybe! Good ideas nonetheless; I appreciate it.”

Darcy acknowledged that he regretted not having more scenes with Jonathan Wrather, who portrayed his father Pierce: “Everyone would love to see it, in my opinion, and wants to see it.

We’ll see. I regret that we weren’t given more opportunities to interact on-screen.”

Amelia has a baby?

Amelia Spencer, a teenage girl who is expecting, has not yet confirmed if she will give birth during the major episodes. She will be in danger as the storm reaches the village, it is understood.

Jane, a producer, revealed: “Amelia is due soon, and I won’t say whether or not the baby is born during the 50th anniversary celebrations. However, Amelia does play a significant role in the storm and when she needs to be located because she is stranded alone, she does play a significant role.

“You’ll just have to wait and see. Moving forward, the Dingles will be brilliantly pitted against the Spencers and everyone else, and there will be some amazing, true family fights between them. That plot has a lot of potential because there are some fantastic scenes that are soon to come.”

wedding brawl

It is known that Harriet Finch will attempt to prevent Will from carrying out his plans for Kim and Will’s wedding, which will air during the 50th anniversary celebrations. Given that bosses hinted that everyone connected to them will be affected, it’s possible that the wedding will be mentioned during the big storm week.

The bosses also hinted that after Kim’s discovery, a confrontation between Harriet and Kim might be in the works.

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