Emmerdale: 4 things we want from the 50th anniversary

In October, Emmerdale will commemorate 50 years of existence.

The show has announced a month-long celebration for the 50th anniversary, but hasn’t specified what will take place.

We have a list for them as a result!

Meena’s revenge

To be clear, this is something that is not only a need but also a want.

The legendary status of Meena’s villainy calls for a stunning encore.

Meena deserves to go out in a blaze of glory and hopefully take some of the deadwood in the village with her; sobbing in a cell is not how her story ends.

There is no way that executives aren’t counting on the return of actress Paige to generate massive ratings.

Big disaster

In the final major week of episodes for Emmerdale, a rope bridge collapsed, a corn maze caught fire, and everyone took an unintentional dip in some whitewater.

Surprisingly, all of this is located within the grounds of Home Farm, though it was very level.

Emmerdale needs to go big for its 50th anniversary, just like it always has. massive blasts, a helicopter accident, a plane crash, etc.

a topic that will be discussed for many years to come.

Unexpected return of a huge character

Meena and Jamie Tate are both fine, if we’re going to that point, but what we really need from the 50th is a huge return.

Someone unexpected who arrived and brought a compelling tale with them.

Perhaps Steve Marchant will unexpectedly return to action to exact revenge on Kim Tate?

Jean Tate, a daughter of Joe and Zoe Tate, is prepared to repurchase Home Farm.

Something happy for Emmerdale’s 50th anniversary

The whole point of anniversaries is to reflect, which, unhappily for Emmerdale, would entail a lot of suffering.

Including murder, devastation, and death.

Therefore, during the month of episodes, something incredibly joyful and encouraging is what is actually needed.

Maybe there will be a joyful surprise arrival as the bosses have previously hinted at a prospective birth? or a marriage? Anything to divert attention from the suffering.

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