Emma Atkins reveals how Emmerdale has changed her life

Get given a role as a long-running person in a cleanser and all things considered, everything changes.

Whether a star has been in the show for a long time or twenty (or significantly more!), being on our screens in the nights for the vast majority of the week implies crowd individuals rapidly lay out them as ‘Nina from Corrie’ or ‘Zack from EastEnders’.

The equivalent can be said for Emma Atkins, who’s played Cause Dingle in Emmerdale since the mid 2000s.

As the ITV cleanser get ready to celebrate 50 years on our screen, Emma has been talking about her experience on the show up until this point and how regarded she feels to play a famous Dingle.

‘The occupation has without a doubt completely changed me. It’s given me superb security; being important for the Dingle family. Whether I’d have left quite a while back or supported my time here I simply figure I will be for the rest of time a Dingle. It’s an honor.’

Considering Good cause’s most noteworthy storylines (where to try and start!), Emma said:

‘My champion story is from a long time ago when, it was uncovered to the crowd that Foundation had a mysterious girl that she had never filled Cain in about. It was an ejection in the works and afterward Debbie turns up and says “I’m your girl” and Noble cause being Good cause completely denies it! She needs to confront reality. Having that time working with Charley (Webb) and Jeff (Hordley) was truly exceptional.’

She added: ‘I would always remember the storyline where Chris Tate outlined Foundation for his homicide. He had this inoperable cerebrum growth and he found Cause was having an unsanctioned romance with his sister and she’s gotten physically involved with Cain and he concludes that’s it.

‘I have one distinctive memory is of me in an evaporator suit, after Cause has been stripped and had her fingerprints taken, and I thought this is genuine, I’m in Emmerdale, being outlined for homicide!’

Away from her own storylines, there is one plot that truly stands apart for Emma that she wasn’t a piece of – however wishes she was!

‘There is one storyline that I feel a piece deprived not to be engaged with as it was so great; I was all the lead up to Emma Barton’s end. It finished in the auto collision where she is on top of the scaffold in her white wedding outfit stained with blood.

‘She’s secured John Barton in the house, she’s guillotined a chicken. The way Gillian (Kearney) played it – she nailed it. I was shouting at the TV; I was truly as eager and anxious as ever. I’m in this show and I’m watching something that I’m adoring to such an extent.

‘I felt so pleased, however I was raging not to be in it!’

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