Emma Atkins children: Does Emmerdale’s Charity Dingle star have any kids?

The role of Charity Dingle on Emmerdale, mother of Ryan Stocks, Debbie Dingle, Noah Tate, and Moses Dingle, is the one for whom Emma is most known.

She found out she was having her fifth child with partner Mackenzie Boyd in recent scenes on the ITV soap opera, but she was struggling with the decision of whether to inform him or get an abortion.

Away from the cameras, Emma’s relationship with her partner is far less dramatic, and the two have begun to form their own family.

Does Emma Atkins, a star of Emmerdale, have kids?

Emma does have kids, but not as many as her rebellious alter ego Charity, and she didn’t decide to have kids until much later in life.

On March 31, 2015, the same day as her birthday, the actress and her partner Tom welcomed their son Albert into the world.

In 2014, after learning of her pregnancy, the script writers created a plot to have the much-loved character leave the show.

Bosses forced Charity to give birth while she was in prison because she wasn’t aware that she was pregnant in order to hide the fact that Emma might have had a bump while filming.

Ross Barton (Michael Parr), who was revealed to be the father, was given parental rights to the kid by Moses’ sister Debbie.

The actress hasn’t had any more kids since she gave birth to her first one seven years ago, but working with kids on the show helped her prepare for parenting.

Charity is infamous for having no maternal instincts, yet it seems Emma is much the opposite of Charity in this regard.

Emma announced the birth of her son on social media, writing on Twitter, “We’ve had a gorgeous healthy baby boy.

The best present was that he came right before her 40th birthday, she said.

Emma frequently features Albert in her Instagram photos, but she obscures his face to keep his identity secret from the public.

It wasn’t easy becoming a mother while also portraying a role on the show, particularly when Albert was a baby.

Then, soap opera star Emma explained: “Albert was really grabbing everything yesterday as I was trying to learn my lines!

“It was rather sloppy. I’m not sure how, but I have managed to balance it “She went on before expressing her wishes for Charity after she was released from prison.

The soap actor stated: “Thought she may return as a changed person, but in my first episode, she was robbing a Ferrari.

“Then there was no way! Considering how badass she is, I adore portraying her “In a conversation with OK! Magazine, the actress gave an explanation.

Emma made the announcement that she was quitting the show to have a baby via a video sent to the Emmerdale Twitter account.

The actress remarked in the video: “I’m heading out. because I’m leaving to have a baby, which is very exciting, probably for about a year.

“Although I will greatly miss Emmerdale, I am now embarking on a new mini-journey in my life. Argh!

“I sincerely hope Charity learns a valuable lesson from her time in prison and experiences some meaningful improvement. I’d like to believe that she would become morally upright while in prison.”

When Albert was younger, Tom assumed responsibility for spending more time at home with their kid while Sarah was at work.

In a statement to the press, Emma said: “Knowing that Albert is back home with his dad is the best feeling in the world.

“Tom tells me tales of what Albert has done when I arrive home. Albert is doing well. Like Laurel and Hardy, they work as a team.

Before talking about what it was like to go back to work after having the kid, she said, “It’s hilarious.

Then, after a week, I enjoyed being back, Emma continued, “I was loving being at home with Albert and I felt I wasn’t ready.

The serial actor continued, “The camaraderie and banter with everyone is amazing – we work hard, but we have a good laugh.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the UK was placed on lockdown when Albert was five years old, allowing Emma to spend more time at home with her son.

The actress would inform her 172,000 followers on what she was doing at home by posting images of him on social media during this time.

In one photograph, Emma wrote the title “Pink Silk” and showed Albert squatting close to a tree that was in bloom.

Charity will have her hands full if she continues with her most recent pregnancy, however the actress has not stated if she would desire any other children.

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