EastEnders theory: Suki Panesar’s exit sealed as she murders Walford resident

After her role in Jags Panesar’s death was made public, Suki Panesar struggled to keep her children close in EastEnders and put her focus to the family company.

Suki may have been involved in a second death, according to official soap opera spoilers, when she finds herself in a perilous scenario.

In the episodes airing the next week, Suki is left helpless as Ranveer Gulati continues to threaten her.

These scenes will come after the conflict between Suki and Kheerat Panesar for a business agreement with Ranveer later this week.

Arriving Vinny Panesar ignores the conflict between Ranveer and his mother.

Vinny makes it evident that Suki is growing more distant from her family even as she makes an effort to connect with her son.

When she tries to negotiate a better deal on the Minute Mart lease later in the week, things take a turn for the worse.

Although her efforts are in vain, Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean), who is passing, notices her desperation.

Suki asks Sharon out for a drink, and the two get along well because of their same experiences.

However, the matriarch doesn’t take long to take advantage of Sharon’s gullibility and try to trick her into giving her money.

Suki resolves to talk to Ranveer about her issue after confiding in Eve Unwin (Heather Peace).

Fans of EastEnders will notice that Suki has a plan whereas Ranveer just wants to get started.

When the businessman realizes what Suki has done, he is indignant and will not go.

Suki is horrified but declines when Ranveer demands that she atone for it.

She maintains her position, and the two swiftly start fighting.

Will Suki regret challenging Ranveer or will he ultimately have to defend himself?

The mother of four panics and seeks help from Kheerat.

She calls him, but he doesn’t pick up, so she leaves him a helpless voicemail. While searching for his father, Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) runs across Eve, who directs him to Suki.

Suki picks up the nearest item to her and strikes Ranveer in the head as he overpowers her.

Soon after, Ravi arrives and discovers Suki distraught over Ranveer’s dead body.

Has the businessman’s death by Suki been an accident?

Ranveer could not be dead as Suki believes, but rather only unconscious.

However, if Ravi leaves to get assistance, Ranveer might awaken and angrily strike out at Suki for assaulting him.

Kheerat, who is still enraged with his mother, begs his siblings to check on Suki after noticing that the Minute Mart had closed.

Will they locate their mother in time, or will Suki be compelled to murder Ranveer in order to survive?

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