EastEnders theory: Sam Mitchell escapes Walford after Shirley Carter assault

She has left a trail of devastation in Albert Square ever since Sam Mitchell came back.

The Mitchell sister has sparked a lot of controversy, whether it be by staging a robbery to trick Kat Slater or starting drug deals in Peggy’s.

But the truth is catching up, and in a last meeting with Shirley Carter, she might make the most shocking move yet.

According to official Albert Square spoilers, there will be retaliation against the Mitchells and Lewis Butler (Aiden O’Callaghan).

Max Bowden’s character Ben Mitchell is released from the hospital after a drug binge, and Steve McFadden’s Phil Mitchell approaches DCI Samantha Keeble (Alison Newman) to ask for assistance in locking Lewis up.

The mood shifts, though, once Sam’s sidekick Zack Hudson (James Farrar) informs her of the predicament he’s discovered Lewis in.

Sam will attempt to leave Walford, but not before getting herself into further trouble.

With her passport in the family safe, the cunning Mitchell sister will attempt to flee the Square.

Will Kat live to regret her decision to give the Mitchell the code when she has it?

Sam is advised not to approach the safe because it contains more hazardous goods than just a passport by Kat.

However, given her recent mood, the cunning businesswoman decides to use the gun kept in the safe.

Sam receives a call from Zack informing her that Lewis is imprisoned in a car’s trunk.

Sam contacts a furious Phil in an effort to win over her older brother.

After Lewis sexually assaulted his son, Phil is determined to use force and seeks retribution.

Sam, who remains the center of the story, takes her brother to a warehouse.

Will Phil act recklessly and ruin his chances of avoiding jail time?

Sam has Peggy’s in her sights after taking her spiteful brother to a warehouse, but not before someone pays her an unexpected visit.

Shirley comes just in time to demand payment from Sam in exchange for his silence on her fictitious heist scheme.

Sam, meanwhile, will obviously not be in the mood for threats when under pressure.

Fans of EastEnders may have observed that she has a gun in her luggage. Will she use it to attack the person who has blackmailed her?

Will she shoot or will she commit one final, fatal error of judgment?

The weapon might be sufficient to stop Shirley before she eventually leaves Walford, leaving a path of devastation in her wake.

Given how her comeback has gone thus far, it is unlikely to end quietly.

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