EastEnders theory: New arrival rocks Walford as Mitch Baker’s past explored

When Mitch Baker’s brother Avery Baker and his two sons unexpectedly arrived in Walford, EastEnders viewers gasped.

Few details about Mitch’s origins and upbringing are known to BBC drama fans, but will he continue to surprise his family when he decides to get in touch with an estranged relative while struggling with guilt over Avery’s death?

Before Avery lost his fight with terminal disease and passed away, the two brothers had spent very little time together in Walford.

As far as EastEnders viewers are aware, Mitch’s stay in Walford was spent with no communication between the separated brothers.

When Avery showed there, Mitch said that he was angry with his brother for failing to offer him assistance after the death of his daughter Chantelle Atkins (Jessica Plumber).

However, after learning that Avery had terminal cancer, the brothers made up before his terrible passing.

The Walford inhabitant was still able to harbor some resentment for his brother even after Avery’s passing.

Additionally, Mitch can start to struggle with regret for not settling their dispute sooner.

In an interview with Express.co.uk, Bianca Neumann, Head of Bereavement at the national bereavement organization Sue Ryder, offered her professional insight on how to deal with sorrow in light of Mitch and Avery’s relationship.

“Just because you don’t have a relationship with someone any longer doesn’t mean you don’t grieve for them when they pass away,” she said.

“Your grieving may feel more complicated if you are alienated from the deceased at the time of their death.

This can be the case since you are still processing and grieving the death of them as well as the loss of your relationship.

Grief may shine a bright light on the things you believe you missed, she added. “There is also an element that you are grieving what should have been and the relationship that you wish you had.

“Any emotions linked to your loss are typical. You can feel angry that they were not the person you needed to be, relieved that they are no longer a part of your life, regret that you didn’t mend your relationship with them before they passed away, sadness that you never felt you received an apology, or any number of other emotions.

You’ll probably experience a wide range of emotions, which could come and go in waves and might catch you off guard.

There is no schedule for grieving, and you could experience days when life seems to have returned to normal and days when your loss seems to consume you.

It can be beneficial to discuss your feelings with friends and family, Bianca continued.

Start the conversation with something really basic, such, “I’m really dealing with my grief,” if opening up is difficult for you. Then, move the conversation forward from there.

Before Mitch arrived, EastEnders knew very little, if anything, about his or her sibling, and it’s possible that there is still another Baker sibling or brother around.

Could the passing of Avery prompt Mitch to reconnect with a distant relative or sibling?

Mitch might reconsider his ties with his family members as a result of his sorrow over his brother’s passing.

Felix Baker (Matthew Morrison) and Finlay Baker (Ashely Byam) are coping to their new life without their dad on the square, but the Baker family is currently going through a difficult time.

Will the Baker-Taylor family be able to handle another visit from an estranged relative?

Bianca, played by Sue Ryder, offered counsel to any soap opera viewers experiencing grief.

“Your friends and family may be enough, but if they aren’t, talk to your GP who can help direct you to bereavement services or Sue Ryder has a range of online bereavement services, including a free video bereavement counselling service and online community where you can talk to people who are also grieving,” she advised.

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