EastEnders theory: Mitch Baker’s dark past exposed following Avery’s arrival

Avery recently arrived in Walford and started wrecking havoc in recent EastEnders episodes.

The wealthy but obviously dishonest character appears to want to reconnect with Mitch (Roger Griffiths), but in Tuesday’s BBC soap opera episode, he made a suggestion about a criminal history as the brothers argued. Might Mitch be a murderer?

official soap opera spoilers show Mitch will resist attempts by Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) to convince him to speak with Avery.

However, Mitch decides to give Avery a second chance after receiving some guidance from an unexpected source.

The moment, however, is short-lived since Mitch quickly loses his temper and orders Avery to leave.

In order to arrange their encounter, Karen exerts pressure on Mitch to give Avery a chance.

Bernie Taylor (Clair Norris) and Bailey Baker (Kara-Leah Fernandes) come up with an idea when Mitch doesn’t show up, so Karen brings the rest of the family to stand by Avery.

The two girls confront Mitch at the cab company. Will they be able to convince him to let Avery stay?

Will this ultimately put Mitch in greater problems than it already has? It seems likely.

In the show on Tuesday, it was implied that Mitch had a troubled past and might have been a criminal before he turned his life around.

The brother and I had begun to get along, but things changed rapidly.

When Avery saw police officers, she begged Mitch politely if they might go the other way.

You don’t change, do you? Mitch scoffed in an instant of rage.

Avery responded, “We’ll deal about this tomorrow,” before Mitch retaliated, “No, I told you – I’m legit now!”

I’ve got too much to lose, even if you don’t, he continued.

Avery said, “I just wanted to spend time with you.”

“Then buy me a pint, or let me check out your 12-jet jacuzzi,” you say.

Avery corrected him, “16,” You know, I knew you were trouble the moment you showed up, Mitch shouted.

Avery urged, “Come on, mate, let’s just go for that pint,” but his brother had had enough.

You get back in your Bentley and go wherever you want, but stay away from me and my family, he said, adding, “No, forget it – we’re done.”

Later, as the two were still arguing, Avery experienced some sort of medical issue, and anxious Mitch dialed 911.

After the fright, Mitch will undoubtedly be eager to start fresh with his brother if he survives.

What could Mitch have been referring about, though, after making reference to his past? Could Avery prove him to be a murderer?

The brothers’ lives were certainly difficult, and possibly they turned to crime to support themselves.

Even though Mitch has cleared his slate now, he might be concealing a significant secret that may have been the catalyst for his decision to leave the criminal underworld.

The moment Avery made the implication that he was still involved in anything dubious, he said to her, “I’m legit now.

Perhaps Mitch left someone for dead from a previous crime the brothers were involved in.

This might be the reason he decided against that way of life and the reason he hasn’t seen his brother in a long time.

But now that Avery is back in his life, he might wind up telling the Square Mitch’s sinister secrets.

If it turns out that Mitch committed a murder, will Karen and the other members of the family be able to accept his past?

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