EastEnders theory: Lola Pearce pregnant following drunken night with Jay

Even though Honey has reason to believe Jay cheated on her with his friend, Lola and Jay have always been close friends. However, official EastEnders spoilers confirm their friendship may get them into trouble next week.

They say it was a misunderstanding, but could they be telling the truth? If Lola learns she is pregnant, it’s possible the truth will become apparent.

A hungover Jay entering the café and making plans for a second night out with Lola and Frankie Lewis (Rose Ayling-Ellis) disappoints Honey, according to spoilers from the BBC soap opera.

Later at Peggy’s, a buzzed Jay impersonates Lola’s boyfriend in an effort to get a guy off her back.

This seems innocent enough, but there’s a chance that the two will pursue this further.

When Ash Panesar notices the couple leaving together, she grows suspicious.

The following day, Jay’s drunken antics are mocked by Lola and Jay.

They make light of the fact that he was her “boyfriend” the night before without realizing that Lola’s daughter Lexi Pearce (Isabella Brown) overheard them.

Lexi will probably spread the rumor that her mother has a new boyfriend, which will be problematic for the couple.

The two are later forced to explain to Honey, Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) and Will Mitchell (Freddie Phillips) the misunderstanding – will Honey believe them?

Regardless if she does or not, it isn’t unreasonable to assume the two might be lying.

Jay and Lola have a history, and in their drunken state, they could have left the club to spend the night together.

Following Jay’s enjoyable night out with Lola and Frankie on Thursday’s episode, Honey grew impatient with him.

His relationship with Honey, who is considerably older than him, had also been the subject of jokes from the females.

Despite having a successful relationship for years, it seems that the couple’s differences are starting to become apparent. Jay still enjoys being carefree and irresponsible, while Honey, a mother of two, prefers a quiet life.

Initially agreeing to go with Jay on Thursday, Honey later excused herself, saying she was too exhausted, and advised him to go enjoy the evening with his friends.

He’s going out with a pensioner, Frankie, a drunk Frankie jokingly informed her friend.

Though Jay seemed to be doubting his relationship, he still laughed off the remarks.

In the meantime, Honey messaged Jay repeatedly all night long to inquire about his anticipated return.

Later, a loud, intoxicated Jay woke her up, which made her angry.

He was discovered by Honey as he was singing loudly while crawling on the floor.

She obviously wasn’t happy, and Jay’s decision to plan a night out again will no doubt irritate her.

After he assists her in escaping the man bugging her, Jay and Lola might start chatting.

Jay might confide in her about the concerns he is beginning to have about Honey.

After leaving the club intoxicated, the two might stay together all night.

They might decide to lie about it the following day, but if Lola becomes pregnant with Jay’s child, things might catch up with them.

According to rumors, Lola will be leaving the soap opera due to a heartbreaking brain tumor storyline.

This will be even more tragic if she just gave birth to Jay’s child.

If Jay and Honey split up, it’s possible that the couple will decide to try again, but their union might be tragically short-lived.

Will Jay be left on his own the following year to raise a child?

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