EastEnders theory: Kheerat Panesar takes over Queen Vic in Mick Carter exit twist

After learning about her role in the death of Jags Panesar (Amar Adatia), Kheerat Panesar (Jaz Deol) turned his back on his mother Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal).

In the upcoming episodes of EastEnders, the businessman attempts to buy his mother out of the family business and may join forces with Dr. Nina Gupta, a recent newcomer (Hersha Verity), to seize control of the square.

Fans of the BBC soap opera EastEnders will now be aware that Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) will leave Walford.

Mick will be severely missed in his famous role as landlord of the Queen Vic, and it is not yet known who will succeed him.

Kheerat tries to buy his mother out of the family business in the episodes airing the next week.

When Suki subsequently discovers that Kheerat has spoken to Nina and the two of them have frozen her out, she will be devastated.

Could Nina, who is also ambitious, assist Kheerat in filling Mick’s shoes?

Hersha indicated that the newest member of the square has plans “beyond the surgery” when discussing her new position.

“I want to portray Nina,” Hersha declared after reading the character profile for the character.

She seems to possess all the qualities I hope to possess.

Hersha continued, “Complete confidence, no fear of failure, goes after what she wants.

She had a side of her that I was particularly captivated to, and her relationship with the Panesars was also intriguing.

She has a lot more to offer, and it’s only beginning to become clear.

She has a few desires and objectives that go well beyond the operation. I am eager to see how that plays out.

EastEnders viewers may witness Kheerat and Nina’s developing professional relationship in subsequent episodes.

The position of landlord at the Queen Vic will open up, albeit it is unknown how Mick will leave the serial opera.

Nina might advise Kheerat that a project for the family enterprise would be the venerable bar.

Will Suki and Kheerat continue to push her away, or will they find a way to be back together?

Recent episodes of EastEnders have shown Suki’s kids turning on her.

The relationship between Ash and Suki has always been tumultuous, and lately, things have gotten even worse.

Will Ash and Nina’s friendship drive Suki farther away as they collaborate in the brand-new Walford surgery?

Hersha, an EastEnders actor, said she believes Nina and Ash will get along well.

I think Ash is a terrific character, she said. She may be pretty passionate and reactive, but Nina appreciates that. She is feisty and speaks her mind, in my opinion.

In terms of helping Ash please her mother, I think she might be a good sounding board. I’d like to think they get along great and work well together.

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