EastEnders theory: Kat Slater loses children as Alfie Moon returns to fight for custody

The beloved character from the soap opera was last shown in EastEnders in the early months of 2019 after fleeing the Square after robbing mobster Phil Mitchell of money.

However, the BBC soap opera announced on Friday that the beloved character would be returning.

When Alfie joined the show 20 years ago, he immediately won over the audience. However, in more recent appearances, he made some dubious choices that got him into problems.

He might be going back to Walford to get custody of his kids now that he knows they’ve been in danger because of Phil.

Since Phil was sent to prison, Kat (Jessie Wallace) has been incredibly concerned for her kids due to threats she has received.

Even worse, Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf) made it appear as though her son Tommy (Sonny Kendall) was shot by a thug who is after Phil.

Sam might have contacted Alfie to warn him that his children were in danger in an effort to avenge Kat.

When Kat herself decided the risk to her kids was too great, she ended up divorcing Phil.

Sam has also been agitating the situation to make it seem worse so that she may win over Phil and take control of his companies.

She paid someone to deliver a gunshot to Tommy as if it were a warning from Phil’s foes.

“Someone just shot my son,” the speaker said. Sam was attempting to soothe Kat as she yelled.

Sam retorted, “Yeah, and you suffering a heart attack’s not going to help.”

Kat said, “I don’t believe this, who would do something like that, he’s 11 years old, for God’s sake, he’s a young child.

Sam cleverly cut in, “I don’t believe him,” to Kat’s “Who?”

“Phil!” yelled Sam. “He is entirely to blame for this, isn’t he?

“Kat, I meant it when I stated that I will always love my brother, but I’m not a fool.

“Over the years, he has ruined the lives of countless individuals, including those who didn’t deserve it and villains like him.

“This is now about your family and children, not just about you.

“You just must leave this situation for both your sake and theirs. Restart from scratch.”

Kat ultimately made the decision to part ways with Phil.

Kat, however, was overcome with regret after learning that Phil had passed away while incarcerated.

Fans were surprised by the conclusion of Thursday’s episode after Phil entered Peggy’s while laughing that he had found a way out of jail.

It’s probably safe to assume that once Kat’s astonishment wears off, he and she will get back together.

If Sam’s plan doesn’t work, she might phone Alfie and have him threaten to rip the kids away from Kat.

According to EastEnders, Alfie will return in the fall.

His past transgressions have caused him to fall out with a number of people, including his ex-wife Kat, so his homecoming is sure to raise a few heads.

Many memorable storylines have revolved around Kat and Alfie over the years, but everything came to a head for them in 2018 when Kat learned Alfie was the father of her cousin Hayley Slater’s (Katie Jarvis) child.

Keep an eye out for a hint of what’s to come in the upcoming days, producers have said.

“It’s an amazing honor and joy to be asked back to my TV home of Albert Square,” Shane stated upon joining the soap opera again.

“I’m eager to reconnect with some former cast members and make new friends.

“The desire to revive Alfie Moon with some amazing storylines has been driven in large part by the new executive producer Chris Clenshaw… who am I to object, anyway? I am impatient.

Executive producer Chris Clenshaw added: “Welcoming Shane Richie back to Walford is an incredible delight. He created one of the most recognizable, endearing, and most enduring characters in soap opera.

Alfie has been away from the Square for a while, and a lot has happened, but everywhere he goes, you can count on fun, games, and, of course, the occasional porky-pie.

We are overjoyed to welcome him home.

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