EastEnders theory: Karen Taylor embarks on affair with Stuart after health diagnosis

Stuart Highway has had Karen Taylor on his side, urging him to get medical attention for any possible postpartum depression.

The struggling undertaker has received guidance from Mitch Baker, Stuart’s buddy and occasionally-partner.

Stuart initially disagrees with her suggestions but eventually starts to agree with them. But will the influx of feelings result in some dubious choices?

Official EastEnders spoilers reveal Stuart will have a moment that could change his life as he decides to listen to his buddy Karen.

The unfortunate Stuart faces the wrath of Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) for arriving late to Avery’s funeral on a particularly emotional day in Albert Square.

Mitch is annoyed and angry when the undertaker forgets important parts of the solemn event, adding insult to injury.

Jay loses patience with Stuart and asks him to stop making mistakes because they haven’t stopped.

When Stuart is at a particularly low point, his grandma Vi (Gwen Taylor) and brother Callum Highway (Tony Clay) search for his relative.

As soon as Stuart astounds the Highway family with his cancer diagnosis, their worry grows.

He tells them he is healthy after a meeting at the hospital, but they are equally puzzled and concerned when they discover him packing his luggage.

Stuart might depart from the Square. Or will a trusted friend’s assistance keep him in Walford?

An anxious Karen makes an effort to assist Stuart, who is currently jobless and must deal without his son Roland and lover Rainie Cross (Tanya Franks).

Karen provides Stuart some of her time to talk about his feelings since she recognizes that he needs some consolation and a private place to do it.

Stuart has suppressed his feelings and thoughts for a very long time.

However, it appears that Karen has made progress, and the anxious Stuart starts to open up and explain what has transpired.

He explains to Karen how he gave his Rainie parenting rights and how she doesn’t want to see his face ever again.

During their conversation, Karen advises Stuart to accept his feelings and seek professional assistance since she thinks he may be suffering from postpartum depression.

Karen might fill the vacuum left by Rainie on the square if Stuart is diagnosed with postnatal depression and needs care from family members.

Stuart is constrained in this way and rejects Karen’s suggestion to change course.

Stuart eventually agrees to undergo mental health treatment since Karen can see how they are succeeding as a team.

Their friendship can deteriorate as a result of Mitch’s displeasure with Stuart for ruining his brother Avery Baker’s burial (played by Omar Lye-Fook).

When Karen decides to skip her daughter Bernie’s (Clair Norris) party in order to take Stuart to his first doctor appointment, her actions may well add fuel to the fire.

What started as a sincere attempt to help a buddy could develop into a stronger emotion, where the two unavoidably fall in love.

Will Stuart and Karen maintain their regard for one another? Or will their friendship and prospective liaison complicate matters considerably?

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