EastEnders theory: Callum Highway forced to betray Stuart after Amy Mitchell hospitalised

In upcoming episodes of the BBC soap opera EastEnders, a desperate Stuart (played by Ricky Champ) may contemplate using drugs to cope.

Amy Mitchell, a teenage girl played by Ellie Dadd, is ultimately hospitalized after the medicines fall into the wrong hands.

It’s probable that police officer Callum (Tony Clay), who is Amy’s father, will be obliged to report his brother as concerned citizens of the Square gather to try and discover out how the kid came into possession of the drugs.

Future episodes show Stuart buying some narcotics, but giving them to Jada Lennox instead.

Later, Lily Slater plans a movie outing with Davinder “Nugget” Gulati, Denzel Danes, and Amy.

However, Lily is soon offended by Amy and Denzel’s flirting.

Later, at Denise Fox’s (Diane Parish) birthday party, Stuart’s bag of narcotics spills out of Jada’s handbag, and after Denise confiscates them, Lily grabs the pills.

Amy takes half a tablet in a desperate attempt to impress Denzel.

When Denise notices the drugs are gone, she goes looking for the group of kids Jack was with.

Just as Amy is about to pass out, they come upon her and dial 911.

Paramedics arrive to try to help Amy as Jack and Denise stand by helplessly.

James Bye’s concerned Martin Fowler encourages Lily to discover how Amy obtained the medicines.

He returns to his cubicle and waits impatiently for updates on Amy.

Later, Martin confronts Howie Danes because he is certain that Denzel is the person who gave Lily the pills.

Martin tells Lily to avoid Denzel and Nugget and says he no longer believes in her.

He later hears Lily telling Eve Unwin everything, though.

He drags Lily into the salon and orders her to apologize to Howie before finally disclosing where the narcotics came from.

Jada was under pressure from Martin, Howie, and Linda Carter to reveal the source of the drugs.

Later, Lily gives Denzel a well-deserved apologies.

Amy is later released from the hospital after the pair visits her there.

She is brought home by Jack, who keeps her away from Denzel.

Jack asks Amy to keep her distance from Denzel and Nugget coming forward after warning the youngsters about drugs.

Jada might withhold Stuart’s name out of worry for him.

However, a guilty Stuart might tell his frightened brother Callum the truth.

Callum will likely feel pressure to report Stuart because Jack is pressing for information on how Amy came to use drugs.

Callum has been worried about his brother ever after Tanya Franks’ character, Rainie Highway, left.

He might, however, believe that being accused of supplying the narcotics would be beneficial for his career and would serve as a wake-up call for Stuart.

Stuart might run into difficulties, especially considering that he gave the pills to 16-year-old Jada.

The officer might end up betraying Stuart because of his conflicting feelings, which could get him into trouble.

Stuart will be leaving the BBC serial later this year, and given his brother’s conduct, is it possible he could also depart Walford?

He might decide to start over and leave Albert Square permanently if he can’t trust his family.

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