EastEnders theory: Billy Mitchell in Walford exit after rejection from Honey Mitchell

Spoilers for EastEnders indicate In the episodes airing the following week, Billy will make the decision to try his luck and see whether Honey is interested in reuniting with him.

But the popular BBC soap character waits too long, and when someone else steps in, he is devastated.

Billy may feel it’s time to leave Walford after this latest rejection and make a fresh start elsewhere, but how will Honey react to the news if Billy departs?

In upcoming scenes, Mr. Lister (Nicholas Wilton) is in the market conducting an inspection when he overhears Ash Kaur (Gurlaine Kaur Garcha) and Honey discussing their single status.

In an effort to win over Honey, the inspector requests a quick makeover from Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold).

Additionally, Honey and Sonia (Natalie Cassidy) have their hair done, and Honey ends up accepting a challenge in which she must say yes to everything.

Later, Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) asks Billy to take her out for a drink after noticing an uneasy conversation between Honey and Billy.

But before Billy has a chance, Mr. Lister approaches Honey and extends an invitation to lunch.

As Billy looks on in disbelief, Honey sticks to her challenge and concurs.

Billy was angry when he saw Honey and Mr. Lister on a “date,” so Sonia told him about Honey’s challenge.

She urges Billy to interrupt and ask Honey out when he says he wants to start dating her again.

Finlay Baker, played by Ashley Byam, arrives first, which is unfortunate for Billy.

He swoops in and pretends to be Honey’s boyfriend after spotting her suffering, shocking Billy.

Billy might decide it’s time to let Honey go after feeling embarrassed and giving up on her.

When Honey and Jay, who to Billy was like a son, initially started dating, Billy was mortified.

When Billy learned about the connection, he hit Jay as they exchanged insults in the Square.

You weren’t Jay one to blow a chance, were you? He exploded.

“You were making moves on my wife while the rest of us were battling through lockdown!”

Jay corrected him, “Ex-wife.” And I’ve already said that it wasn’t like that.

And it produces it, doesn’t it? Billy shouted. “He had my grandchild and my ex-wife, I mean wife.

With your track record, I should probably lock Janet up next.

Before Billy spun around and struck Jay to the ground, Jay retorted, “You’re out of order.”

“No, you’re out of order, and you’re dead to me,” he yelled.

However, Billy has subsequently reluctantly come to terms with Jay’s presence in Honey’s and their kids’ lives.

He was obviously pleased to learn that Honey and Jay had broken up, though.

Billy isn’t going to waste much time deciding to see whether Honey wants to rejoin now that his chance has presented itself.

Billy is bound to abandon up because Finlay beat him to it and probably feels he can’t compete with him.

Billy may make the shocking revelation that he is leaving Walford after experiencing persistent bad luck in his personal life and at work.

Billy has been a mainstay on the soap for for 25 years, so his departure would be significant.

But it appears that the owner of the market booth should consider relocating.

Billy will definitely continue to be referenced as long as his kids are still in Walford, but after being convinced that Honey will reconcile, it will probably be too difficult for him to watch as she moves on once more with someone else.

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