EastEnders theory: Beloved resident exits Walford as marriage proposal rejected

Howie Danes might reject Kim Fox’s marriage proposal, according to a new hypothesis, therefore she might feel she has to leave EastEnders forever.

The mother of two found love again with children’s performer Howie after struggling to cope with the revelation of Vincent Hubbard’s murder.

Will he break her heart if she misinterprets his distant behavior, though?

Howie behaves suspiciously in the shows airing the next week after receiving an ominous phone call.

Later, when he sees Kim, he proposes they go on a date so they can discuss.

Kim panics and thinks her new partner is going to pop the question.

When she runs with Felix Baker (Matthew Morrison), she confides her feelings about the kid-friendly performer.

Kim explains Howie’s peculiar behavior and why she believes he wants to kneel down.

She agrees that it’s too soon after discussing her new connection with Felix and has a strategy to break it to him gently.

Kim is shocked, though, when Howie calls to cancel their date.

Howie is anxious, in Kim’s opinion, and has changed his mind before the big proposal.

Howie meets with Delilah, the woman he spoke to earlier over the phone, in the interim.

Howie refuses her request and says it’s too soon to tell Kim his secret.

Kim confides in Denise Fox (Diane Parish) about Howie’s alleged proposal when they are back on the square.

After having a change of heart, she realizes it is important to show her spouse how much she values him.

Kim remembers how Howie entered her life and how he assisted her in accepting Vincent’s passing.

She prepares for Howie’s arrival and informs her sister she is going to propose.

But it’s obvious he has something to tell her when he shows there.

Will he have the opportunity to speak before Kim proposes?

Fans of EastEnders may recall how Howie recently attempted to hide from Kim when she insisted on caring for him after suffering a leg injury.

The newest Fox family member admires Kim greatly but naturally wants to build their relationship gradually.

He’ll probably turn down Kim’s request, breaking the heart of the steadfast.

Is it possible that he’s keeping Delilah’s genuine relationship with Kim a secret from her?

This might be too much for Kim after everything she’s been through, and she might decide to leave Walford permanently.

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