You are currently viewing EastEnders star Tanya Franks reveals aftermath of Rainie’s devastating Abi discovery

EastEnders star Tanya Franks reveals aftermath of Rainie’s devastating Abi discovery

Following last week’s shock news concerning baby Abi, Tanya Franks admitted that her EastEnders character Rainie Highway is “extremely scared.”

Max Branning (Jake Wood) kidnapped his granddaughter while visiting her and his brother Jack (Scott Maslen) in Paris, and Rainie and her husband Stuart (Ricky Champ) have got the heartbreaking news.

Rainie has been driven to the brink by Max’s harsh acts, given the couple’s fertility issues, with actress Franks revealing Rainie now feels Abi has been taken from her life for good.

“She’s terrified that Max is going to kidnap Abi and take her away for the rest of her life,” Franks added. “She’s up against a massive battle to reclaim her. She has no desire to give up Abi in any way, shape, or form.”

Since Max had left the young child in their care when he quit Walford earlier this year, it was Rainie who permitted Jack to bring Abi to Paris as a show of goodwill.

Franks said, “Rainie went along with it this time since Jack was involved.” “She put her faith in Jack more than anything else.” The fact that Max has also managed to pull the wool over Jack’s eyes is, I believe, the biggest surprise for Rainie this time.

“She wouldn’t have been happy if Abi had gone to Paris with Max without Jack taking charge.” So I believe the huge surprise for her is that the faith has been extended all the way down the line.”

While some may believe Abi’s kidnapping will put a stop to Rainie and Stuart’s reproduction plans, Franks has revealed that the contrary is true.

“It makes her even more determined to get it started and move forward.” “Get this family together,” she said. “She promised Abi that she would have a younger brother or sister. She is determined to make it happen. She is adamant that Abi will return home, so she wants everything ready for her when she does.

She is desperate to reclaim Abi. Rainie is getting a kick in the stomach.”

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