EastEnders spoilers: Return for Kheerat as his fate is revealed?

Given that his fate will soon be known in upcoming scenes, Kheerat Panesar (Jaz Singh Deol) might be returning to EastEnders.

When Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) finds out that her son Kheerat’s trial is being moved up, she is upset.

The actor Balvinder Sopal stated that “the news of Kheerat’s trial literally breaks her.”

Since confessing to killing Ranveer Gulati in order to save his mother, Kheerat has been imprisoned.

Suki is thought by the Panesars to have been the one who killed Ranveer by hitting him in the head with a clock when he was trying to rape her.

Later it was discovered that Ravi (Aaron Thiara) had actually put an end to him and that Suki’s strike to the head had not had killed him.

Despite this, Ravi protected Suki by letting the Panesars think she was to blame, which ultimately resulted in Kheerat’s admission.

Balvinder said, “There’s a ton of guilt and self-loathing, hatred, and pain going on [for Suki].” Kheerat has always been Suki’s right-hand man, so losing him would be like losing a leg.

“I believe she has struggled ever since he has been gone.” In addition, her marriage is awful; it is oppressive and domineering, and it has significantly diminished Suki’s brilliance, strength, and fire.

“Kheerat was her support system, so Suki finds it devastating to not have him there.”

“Knowing it was also her fault is doubly crushing,” she said.

Is Kheerat going to return to our screens to face his punishment now that his trial is just around the corner?

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