EastEnders spoilers: Drunk Linda violently attacks Janine over Mick sex betrayal?

When Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) sets her sights on someone in EastEnders, she knows how to get what she wants.

When she set her sights on Mick Carter (Danny Dyer), she made a point of paying Linda (Kellie Bright) a visit and arranging a breakup.

Assuming Mick had given up on the marriage, divorce papers were filed, as Linda appears to be unable to communicate with her husband via public transportation or WhatsApp.

Following Linda’s filing of divorce proceedings, Janine and Mick have become closer, and things have taken an unusual turn, with Janine, who is generally cold-hearted, developing true human feelings for Mick.

Janine has been a rock for Mick, especially since Tina’s death, and she startled us all when she told Mick it wasn’t the proper moment for a kiss when he leaned in for one.

She had led him outside for some fresh air and assisted him in releasing his frustration and fury. Janine didn’t want to take advantage of the fact that he was appreciative and felt a strong bond with her.

Either Janine is plotting something or she has fallen in love with Mick and wants to do things the right way.

Whatever Linda’s plan is in the end, things are going to blow out when she returns for Tina’s burial.

She will undoubtedly recognize Janine as the person who came to her to talk about Mick (despite not recognising her on their initial meeting in the early Carter days, when she flung Janine out of the Vic).

Linda will be enraged after seeing them so close together and learning from Shirley (Linda Henry) or Nancy (Maddy Hill) that things have been heating up.

Will her state lead her to take violent revenge on Janine as she comes face to face with her? Recent pictures show her drunk and angry at Tina’s funeral, and as she comes face to face with Janine, will her state lead her to take violent revenge on her?

Will Linda simply push the disgusted Mick closer to Janine as they come to blows, effectively playing into her hands?

‘With Tina deceased, the Carters face tremendously tough times, and things are heightened by the return of Linda Carter,’ an EastEnders source told Metro.co.uk earlier this year.

‘She returns for the funeral, but it quickly becomes clear that she has relapsed into her alcoholism, resulting in dramatic situations.

‘Of course, Mick has been growing closer to cunning Janine Butcher, which Linda will not be pleased with. There could be a collision…’

With Danny Dyer quitting his role as Mick, a happy ending seems impossible, no matter where Mick believes his heart resides.

His exit will air later this year, with no indication that Linda or Janine will accompany him.

While Mick isn’t going to die, his leaving is sure to be dramatic.

‘We’ve just been pitched my departing plot,’ Danny teased. It’ll be incredible. It’s enormous.’

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