EastEnders spoilers: Amy overdose horror, Stuart snaps and surprise reunion

As many locals find themselves in trouble, EastEnders spoilers indicate that there will be more drama next week.

Unintentionally finding herself in possession of narcotics, Amy takes them in an effort to impress Denzel but subsequently passes out.

In a different scene, Stuart reaches his breaking point after stopping his antidepressants and later finds himself in a panic in the doctor’s office. Will he be able to face his ongoing health struggle?

Mick and Linda, who were formerly married, find themselves attracted to one another and are on the verge of kissing, but Janine is not going to let Mick leave without a struggle.

Stuart snaps

Stuart’s spiral of anxiety causes him to stop taking his prescribed antidepressants, which forces him to seek out alternative medications.

Linda sees him near a drug dealer after his NA/AA meeting, and things between them turn heated.

Stuart buys some narcotics out of desperation while ignoring Linda, but subsequently gives them to Jada.

He meets Linda, who apologizes for what happened, but Mick responds coldly.

Bernie tries to help as the situation worsens after an enraged Stuart takes severe measures because he can’t obtain an appointment at the doctor’s office.

Later, she expresses regret to him for not knowing that he was suffering from postpartum depression and for having contributed to Rainie leaving the Square.

Who will be able to calm Stuart down when he becomes desperate and goes to extreme lengths because he believes his diagnosis was incorrect?

The following day, Stuart starts to rely on those close to him for assistance, which enables him to face his diagnosis.

Later, when his health state reaches a crisis point, he makes some significant decisions concerning his future.

Amy drug horror

Denzel, Amy, Lily, and Nugget are planning a trip to the movies, but Lily is obviously annoyed by Amy and Denzel’s flirting.

Later, at Denise’s birthday party, Stuart’s bag of narcotics falls from Jada’s purse, and when Denise confiscates them, Lily is able to get her hands on them.

Amy takes half a tablet in a desperate attempt to impress Denzel.

Soon after discovering the narcotics are missing, Denise and Jack start looking for the group.

They find Amy just as she is about to pass out and watch helplessly as the paramedics respond to her.

Martin forces Lily to look into how Amy obtained the drugs and discovers that Denzel was the one who gave them to her, which results in an altercation with Howie.

Martin cautions Lily to keep away from Denzel and Nugget, but after overhearing Lily confess to Eve, he brings her to the salon where she confesses the source of the narcotics and Martin apologizes to Howie.

Jada was under pressure from Martin, Howie, and Linda to reveal where she obtained the pills.

Later, Lily gives Denzel a much-needed apology, and the two of them go to see Amy in the hospital together.

In other scenes, Jack brings Amy from the hospital and separates her from Denzel before asking her to avoid the two men moving forward.

Surprise reunion

With Mick’s help, Linda tells him the date of her next court appearance and confesses her worries about the result.

Later, after the argument with Stuart, a sad Linda walks into The Vic, and Mick helps her, much to Janine’s dismay.

After Annie takes her first steps in front of them, Linda begins to cry as she worries about maybe being separated from Annie. Mick consoles her.

They are just about to kiss when Jada interrupts them.

The following day, Mick flirts with Janine, but he is preoccupied with Linda and wants to be there for her.

The two realize that Linda called The Vic that night, alarming Janine, and he asks his ex-wife to describe the precise sequence of events leading up to the accident. He also pushes her to check her call history online.

Linda makes preparations and creates birthday cards for her children in the future since she believes she will do time in prison.

Sharon says that she knew who picked up Linda’s phone and that she was there at The Vic on the day of the incident.

Linda confronts Janine about the call at The Vic, asking how she plans to escape it in front of Mick.

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