EastEnders spoiler: Lily takes drastic action over Stacey

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She tries to give everyone a scare.

Episode 6246 | Airs Tuesday 30 March 2021 at 19:30 on BBC One

Lily is becoming worried about Stacey’s future and questions why more isn’t being done to help her. Will gives Lily a thought by referencing how Honey’s physical issue as of late assisted with uniting his family.

Afterward, Lily is found at the lower part of the steps, taken out. A freezing Stacey acknowledges they’ll have to require an emergency vehicle.

Then, Sharon is expecting to purchase another business and is captivated when she hears Peter discussing how rewarding the wellness business is. She gets some information about close-to-home preparation. With the exercise center available to be purchased, Sharon settles on a decision.

Somewhere else, two individuals from Frankie’s old-fashioned visit Queen Vic and offer scornful comments about her association with Katy. Mick shows them out and demands that he will not leave his staff alone treated that way, however, Frankie is vexed that he didn’t allude to her as his little girl.



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