EastEnders’ Sharon Watts faces exit decision after life-changing offer

After getting a life-altering offer, Sharon Watts of EastEnders will have to make a significant exit decision.

Dorian, a boxing promoter, will tell Sharon about job chances and a nice lifestyle in Abu Dhabi in fresh scenes that will air on the soap opera the following week.

Sharon ignores him despite being attracted by his suggestion that if she relocated there, she might be set up for life.

Keanu is upset after receiving an injunction from Lisa’s attorney. Following Keanu’s discovery that Sharon had assisted Lisa in escaping Walford with his kid, they parted up in July, as fans would be aware.

In addition to supporting Phil Mitchell and Kat Slater as they navigate their romance, Sharon also appears in the most recent episodes of the soap opera.

The couple has experienced trouble when Kat learned that her fiance has been withholding information from her. This is especially true after Tommy reacted negatively to Alfie while Phil intervened behind Kat’s back.

Alfie’s cancer worry is mistakenly revealed by Phil when Kat confronts him, and Kat subsequently quarrels with him over his treachery.

When Phil tries to apologize to Kat, she shuts him out. Phil then speaks to Sharon, who gives him the motivation he needs to fight for his relationship with Kat. His sentimental gesture falls flat, though.A chain of circumstances results with Kat booking the registry office on a whim before sharing the news in The Vic. She also speaks to Sharon, who is able to reason with her.

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