EastEnders revisits Paul Trueman death as Isaac has a worrying realisation

EastEnders revisits Paul Trueman death as Isaac has a worrying realisation

Next week on EastEnders, Isaac comes to an unsettling realization about Patrick Trueman’s son Paul’s death.

Long-time viewers of the show will recall that Paul was murdered in 2004, after being involved in gangster Andy Hunter’s criminal world.

Isaac is fascinated by the mention of his late brother, as he is eager to learn more about his father.


Isaac is enraged when his father officially decides to take part in Patrick’s trial after firing questions at a nurse who is visiting for the trial.

Isaac is still thinking about it when he decides to focus on Kim, hoping that she can provide him with the answers he seeks.

When Isaac inquires about Paul, Kim reluctantly admits.

As Isaac inquires about Paul, Kim reluctantly acknowledges that he was killed.

Isaac is taken aback by the revelation, and Patrick notices his distracted demeanor. Sheree is worried about the effect on her son’s mental health after Kim tells Patrick that she informed Isaac about Paul.

Isaac starts to reconsider his decision to hold Patrick in the dark about his condition after experiencing what it’s like to be deceived, and informs Sheree that he wants to be truthful.

Isaac is further torn during a later discussion with Patrick, despite Sheree’s refusal to consider the proposal.

As Patrick expresses his regrets for disappointing Paul and how he wishes his son could have told him about his problems, Isaac’s guilt grows.

Isaac confides in Patrick after realizing it’s time to be honest. Patrick is shaken by Isaac’s discovery and asks Sheree about why she tried to conceal it.

Sheree wants to blame Patrick’s stroke and COVID for not telling the truth earlier, but Patrick maintains that Isaac is not ashamed.

Later, when Patrick discusses the parallels between him and Paul, Isaac is taken aback, leaving him unsettled.


Isaac starts to think about his schizophrenia diagnosis when he muses to Lola about his brother being misunderstood.

Isaac starts to fear that his schizophrenia diagnosis might be misunderstood when he muses to Lola about his brother being misunderstood.

Using Patrick’s trial as a shield, Isaac asks Ash about whether doctors get it wrong – particularly for ethnic minorities – when he sees her later.

“Finding out the truth about Paul’s death was very surprising for Isaac,” Stevie Basaula, who plays Isaac, said about next week’s episodes.

“When he first learned of his new family, he had no idea what had happened to Paul, but learning that he had been murdered and that it had almost gone unnoticed because of Paul’s troubled past was both painful and unexpected.”

“Isaac considers his diagnosis as a result of his feelings toward Paul and the possibility that he was mistaken.”

“I believe Isaac’s attraction is the promise of a ‘natural’ life – for him, that means a life free of schizophrenia, so if he’s been misdiagnosed, he’s desperate to know and makes a very dangerous choice to try out his hypothesis.”


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