EastEnders Phil to surprise Kat with a big proposition

What is she going to say?

The following contains EastEnders spoilers.

Next week, EastEnders’ Phil Mitchell will surprise his girlfriend Kat Slater with a major proposal.

Following Kat’s mugging in this week’s episodes, Phil (Steve McFadden) will be desperate to prove his love for her.

The incident lays the stage for a more terrible turn of events, when the mugger stabbings Callum’s coworker Fitzy, as we’ve already revealed.

Prior to this, Callum and Fitzy go to the Slater house to speak with Kat about her incident, but when Phil arrives, he is disappointed to see the cops there.

He assumes the worst of Callum, but Kat puts him in his place by disclosing that she had been robbed and that he had been too preoccupied to listen to her.

After being thrown out of the house, a bashful Phil apologizes to Kat and offers her a proposal.

Phil informs Kat that the laundrette is for lease and that he would like them to manage it jointly.

Kat considers Phil’s offer but ultimately declines it since she does not want to become involved in anything shady.

Phil tries to persuade Kat to alter her mind by assuring her that all he wants for Raymond is something legitimate, and he pushes her to reconsider. What is she going to say?

These scenes will run on BBC One next week in EastEnders.

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