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EastEnders’ Phil Mitchell to drop life-changing bombshell on Denise Fox

Phil Mitchell is ready to drop a bombshell on Denise Fox in upcoming scenes on EastEnders.

It all starts when Kat Slater finally opens ‘Kat’s Cabs,’ when she sees Phil distracted at the celebration by Denise and his son Raymond Dawkins.

She then asks Denise to reconsider her decision to accept Phil into Raymond’s life, but she flatly refuses.

Denise is given some sound advice by Patrick Trueman, who reminds her that Phil might spend more time with Raymond without him ever knowing the truth.

Denise is moved by this, and later shows up at the laundrette, asking whether Phil would mind babysitting for a while, much to the delight of the hardman.

The father and son become close, and Phil tells Raymond that the laundrette will one day be his because‚Ķ he’s his father.

When Phil tells Kat what he’s said to Raymond, her mouth drops, and things get even more complicated when Raymond tells Denise and Kim Fox that his daddy has gotten him a shiny new toy.

Denise confronts Phil, despite Kim and Patrick’s best efforts to calm her down, and threatens to never allow him see his son again.

Phil, shaken and enraged, questions Billy Mitchell about why he chose not to contact the courts when Honey Mitchell abducted their son Will, and Billy expresses regret for his decision, giving Phil some incentive.

When Phil meets up with Denise, he drops a life-changing surprise on her, but how will she react?


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