EastEnders’ next major villain ‘exposed’ as fans rumble his sinister motive

As he pursues Honey Mitchell, Mr. Lister will likely emerge as Albert Square’s next main villain, according to EastEnders viewers.

Viewers witnessed the moving burial service for Avery Baker, who passed away last week from terminal disease, during Monday’s trip to Walford.

The colorful character that joined the soap opera less than a month ago was mourned by the entire community, but the brunette beauty was also dealing with her breakup from Jay Brown.

But when her supervisor, Mr. Lister, found out she had recently become single, he leaped at the chance to take her out to dinner after work.

I couldn’t help but overhearing [that] you’re currently without a consort just then,” Mr. Lister replied after overhearing her chat regarding her split from Jay.

He continued, “A consort, a companion, a guy,” while Honey attempted to comprehend his strange choice of words.

The brunette beauty, startled by his line of inquiry, tries to end the unpleasant exchange by merely explaining: “Oh, okay, well, things didn’t work out between Jay and myself but I can promise you Bob that it hasn’t hampered my career in any way.”

Billy Mitchell tried to make moves on the professional woman in an effort to restart their romance, so Mr. Lister isn’t the only man with feelings for Honey.

Billy questioned, “Honey, why wasn’t it all smiles and laughs when we broke up like [yours and Jay’s]?”

Honey was taken aback by his curiosity and responded directly: “Billy, because we’ve already broken up a few times. It might explain why there aren’t any jokes or grins.”

Fans flocked to Twitter in droves to voice their worries for Honey, but it’s safe to say that the 60-year-old market inspector was giving off some rather strange vibes.

“Mr Lister is literally breaking so many rules and regulations trying to sleep with Honey who he employs [vomit emoji] #EastEnders,” one commenter said.

One more concurred: “Omg. After Honey, Mr. Lister is still a slimy, hound dog. Please gtfo, emoji for vomiting! Billy can follow him now. #EastEnders.”

“All he’s doing is wanting to chat up Honey another Billy in the making,” said a third.

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