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EastEnders newcomer Aaron Monroe is going to cause some big waves

In the midst of EastEnders’ current racism plot, newcomer Aaron Monroe (played by Charlie Wernham) is poised to make a big splash.

Aaron is the son of Harvey (Ross Boatman), who has been sacked from his cab job after making racially charged statements to Ash Kaur (Gurlaine Kaur Garcha), and is trying to win his father’s job back.

Aaron chooses to do so by threatening Kat Slater with unjust dismissal in upcoming scenes, while his younger sister Dana (Barbara Smith) tries to get Ash to forgive Harvey.

Later, in the Queen Vic, Aaron confronts Ash, prompting Dana to question Aaron about his behavior. He throws off her statements, though, and begins to exhibit an interest in Bobby Beale, who has recently become an Islamist.

Aaron was “opinionated about everything,” Wenham said recently in an interview with Digital Spy about his character.

“He’ll strive to regain control of the situation, sort things out, and do whatever he can for his father and sister.” Aaron will have an opinion on whether Bobby is good enough for Dana now that she is dating him. He’ll have a voice in his father’s job, the apartment, and the flat.

“It all comes from a good place, especially with his family.” Aaron wishes to protect them, to keep them safe, and to have others appreciate them.”

Will the Monroe men comprehend the gravity of their remarks’ impact on Ash?

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