EastEnders star Gurlaine Kaur Garcha reveals if Ash and Iqra will reunite

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EastEnders Gurlaine Kaur Garcha, who plays Ash Panesar on EastEnders, has spoken out about the chances of Ash Panesar and Iqra Ahmed reuniting.

After learning from Ash that Jags is actually innocent and serving time in jail for a crime he didn’t commit, Iqra ended their relationship in January, shortly after it was revealed that Habiba is expecting his baby.


“I am going to say never say never,” Gurlaine told Digital Spy about a possible reconciliation. “Ash was the first relationship Iqra had after coming out, and there will always be a soft spot there.”

“I think time will heal Iqra as well. She was furious, horrified, and saddened at the time, but I believe heartbreak will bring them back together in the end.

“Perhaps going through heartbreak with others reunites them, and Iqra realizes that nothing is perfect.” She experienced heartbreak with Ash, but who’s to say she won’t experience it again in a new relationship? Never rule out the possibility. That would be a lot of fun.”

Iqra can’t forgive Ash for betraying her, but is this the end of the road for the couple?

“I loved Iqra and Ash,” the star continued on her feelings about the split. It was extremely moving, and many of the viewers were able to relate to it.

“‘This has helped me – I’m going through something similar and it’s made me feel less alone,’ they’d message me. It was fantastic in that regard.

“As an actor, you obviously want to try new things, tell new stories, and collaborate with new people. I’ve been fortunate in that I’ve been given the opportunity to work with actors with whom I get along extremely well.

“I was immediately friends with Priya [Davdra] – it was so easy – and it’s the same with Dayle [Hudson],” she continued. “He’s a dream to work with, and we always have a good laugh.”



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