EastEnders’ Jay Brown faces new heartbreak after Emma return

As Jay Brown learns that Lola’s mother Emma Harding is back in Walford, EastEnders has Jay Brown in for some new heartache.

In subsequent scenes, Jay worries that Lexi is using her phone inappropriately and discovers that she has been texting Emma, who has returned to Albert Square.

Emma admits that she and Lexi have been communicating via text message for several weeks without Jay or Ben’s knowledge. Emma also says that she is very worried about her granddaughter because of her mother’s passing.

Callum Highway begs Jay, who is irate, to give Emma a chance for Lexi’s sake before he kicks her out. The next day, Emma requests another meeting with Jay in the hopes that he will finally pay attention to what she has to say.

Ben Mitchell, who is located elsewhere on the plaza, has forbidden Lola’s mother from seeing Lexi because he is also unimpressed by Emma’s reappearance.

Kathy Cotton later counsels Jay to prioritize Lexi’s sentiments. Given how much the youngster adores her grandmother, he ought to permit her to visit Emma. The distressed messages Lexi had been sending Emma are displayed to Jay during their conversation.

Because Lexi didn’t want to aggravate her two dads any further, she reached out to Emma. As a result, Jay was devastated and vowed that he would ask Ben to permit Emma to see Lexi.

When it comes to Emma, Jay unwillingly gives in to her requests for access to Lexi. Ben soon dashes her ambitions of being involved in the life of her granddaughter, despite Lola’s mother’s assurances that she won’t ever abandon Lexi again.

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