EastEnders in 2022 – who’s leaving and who’s coming to Walford?

In 2022, who will be departing EastEnders? Mick Carter, one of the show’s most well-known characters, is leaving the show.

However, there are some returns planned as well.

All of the cast changes for EastEnders in 2022 are listed below.

In 2022, who will be departing EastEnders?

Isaac Baptiste is an educator. This week, Isaac had a low-key departure – so low-key, in fact, that no one noticed it was his departure.

Isaac learned that his mother, Sheree, had suffered a heart attack in Trinidad and decided to assist her.

He promised Lola that he would return, but it now appears that is not the case.

Following the departure of his character, actor Stevie Basula recorded a farewell message.

“It’s been a gift to play Isaac,” he remarked.

“It’s been difficult at times, especially with last year’s schizophrenia plot.

“Working with the Truemans, particularly with the G, Mr Rudolph Walker, has been a highlight. I’m going to miss him a lot.”

He also sent a shout-out to all of Isaac’s admirers, thanking them for their support.

Fans were perplexed and chastised the show for failing to give him a befitting send-off.

“Isaac’s exit was a disaster,” one of them stated.

“Isaac’s exit was a disaster. Yes, he wasn’t a main character for the majority of the show, but his schizophrenia plotline alone merited a more appropriate send-off,” someone other concurred.

“They caused Isaac so much harm with that escape,” said another.

“Stevie portrayed Isaac so brilliantly,” a fourth observed, “and he had some really hard-to-watch scenes.” “It’s just a shame that so much potential was squandered in such a disastrous exit.”

“EastEnders makes your exits more appropriate and heartfelt.” Another raged, “Isaac deserved a proper send-off.”

Gray Atkins is a character in the film Gray Atkins

In Soapland, every murderer must pay a price, and Gray Atkins’ time has come to an end.

He may still be trying to pull the strings from behind bars, leaving wife Chelsea without a way to pay the mortgage, but he won’t be returning to the Square.

Gray assassinated his first wife Chantelle Atkins, as well as Kush Kazemi and Tina Carter, who vanished in 2020.

He was exposed in a massive week of programs in which he ultimately confessed.

He was being loaded into the back of a police cruiser the last time we saw him.

Gray has left for good, so there will be no more Meena-style trial theatrics.

Goodbye, bye-bye, bye-bye, bye-

Toby-Alexander Smith is presently in a baby bubble with partner Amy Walsh and their new baby Bonnie, but whispers abound that he’ll return to Emmerdale soon.

Mick Carter is a musician from the United Kingdom.

Danny Dyer, who has played Mick Carter for nine years, has announced his departure from the show.

Danny Dyer will be leaving EastEnders later this year, according to a statement made to their Instagram account.

“Danny has announced that he is leaving EastEnders. It’s time to take a chance and roll the dice. I adore everyone here, and (EastEnders) has been a dream come true for me… It’s a crucial aspect of television. Mick’s departure is going to be a huge deal.'”

“Because his leaving isn’t for a while, we’re able to build a big plot for Mick,” the note added.

“With Linda’s impending return to Walford, the Carters will be at the center of some major drama in 2022!”

Ian Beale is a British actor.

After Sharon attempted to murder Ian, he fled EastEnders. He was supposed to be taking a hiatus at the time, but there has been no indication on whether or not he will return.

Mr Beale, who has been a fixture in Albert Square since its inception, hasn’t vanished for forever, has he?

Last year, when actor Adam Woodyatt entered the I’m A Celebrity jungle, he stated that he had “no plans” to return.

On Friday, April 1, he informed host Steph McGovern on Steph’s Packed Lunch, “I’ve kind of left, but not departed.”

“I’m not there because of the way the story has gone.”

“I could go back, I could not go back, I don’t know!” he added.

Mitchell, Phil

Isn’t it true? Phil Mitchell can’t possibly be leaving EastEnders?

Well, it’s unclear what’s going on because he’s been told he’ll spend the rest of his life in prison.

He’s organized his affairs and delegated control of his company to his fiancée Kat Slater.

But, with the pressures of running his business mounting, will Kat reconsider and turn grass in order to escape?

Is this Phil’s final performance?

Returning to the scene

Sam Mitchell is returning to EastEnders, but she won’t be played by Danniella Westbrook.

Danniella was last seen in the role of Phil and Grant’s younger sister in 2016.

However, actress Kim Medcalf, who took over as Sam from Danniella in 2002, is returning to the role.

Sam was performed by Kim till 2005. Danniella reprised her role as Sam when she returned in 2009.

Sam attended the burial of her mother Peggy during her last stint before abandoning her baby Ricky with his father Jack Branning.

She returned to Spain on her own.

“I was happy when the BBC approached me last year to reprise the part of Sam,” Kim stated in a statement.

“She’s a fantastic character, and I’m looking forward to returning to the Square and working with the incredible ensemble.”

Head of BBC’s ongoing drama “I’ve wanted to bring Sam back into the family fold for a long time,” Kate Oates added.

“Her reappearance is certain to be explosive.”

Sam’s return will coincide with her brother Phil’s decision to spend the rest of his life in prison or as a police informant.

Carter, Linda
Linda is an important cog in the Carter machine, and she will return next week.

A return for the holidays for Linda witnessed Janine interfering and attempting to dissolve Mick’s marriage so that she could have Mick all to herself.

Is the Carter marriage doomed now that Linda and Mick have broken up, and Danny Dyer has also announced his departure?

Tina’s funeral is coming Monday, and the matriarch will be there.

But when she sees Janine, she’s back on the booze and creates a scene.

Will Linda fight for her man if she chooses to stay with Sharon?

Or has she given up hope completely?

Panesar, Ash

Ash left Walford after a falling out with her mother and realizing Suki would never accept her sexuality.

However, Ash’s vacation is just temporary, since actress Gurlaine Kaur Garcha has released photos from the set.

Suki, played by Balvinder Sopal, is seen cuddling close to the actress.

Although no specific date has been given, given that the soaps film six weeks ahead of time, we should expect to see Ash on screen sometime in May.

Patsy Palmer, who played famous Bianca Butcher on EastEnders, was rumored to be returning to the show shortly before COVID.

Patsy’s ambitions to return were put on hold indefinitely because she lives in America.

But, even if it’s only for a short while, we’d love to see Bianca back in the Square.

Mr Panesar Suki’s nameless husband is in prison, as is the father of her children Kheerat, Jags (dead), Ash, and Vinny.

Last month, though, Dotty encouraged Vinny to visit his father for guidance on dealing with Suki.

Dotty’s notion was disregarded out of hand by Vinny, but does the mention of the Panesar father imply that he’ll be arriving in Walford soon?

Character names are rarely mentioned if we aren’t likely to encounter them in the near future – could we meet the mysterious Mr Panesar before long?

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